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Coming from Shanghai or Nanjing 由上海或南京前往无锡
Coming from Overseas Through Shanghai
Although there are limited flights into Wuxi airport from a few places outside of China, most travelers reach Wuxi via Pudong Airport, Shanghai.
  • There is a direct shuttle bus from Pudong to Wuxi, if you can find it. It is a minibus and takes a bit more than three hours. 
  • Or you can catch a taxi (for 150 yuan) from the airport to Shanghai Railway Station, and catch a train straight to Wuxi from there. It is best to get a "soft seat" ticket to Wuxi; it costs around 30 yuan. The trip takes about an hour and a half depending on how many times the train stops. 
  • There are a number of different train types you can take. The fastest is the "bullet" (CRH) train and the trip is about 50 minutes. Cost for first class ticket (very comfortable seats for a fast relaxed journey) is 48 rmb and worth every penny. These trains start with the letter D (e.g. D32 leaves Shanghai at 10.50 am arrives Wuxi at 11.36 am). Other express trains start with the letter T, slower trains start with N.
  • Or you can catch the high speed maglev train which takes you close to Shanghai Railway Station. Then take a quick taxi ride to the station to catch the train to Wuxi. This method is for those who really fancy the experience of traveling at three hundred kilometres an hour for a few minutes.
  • If you just want to get to Wuxi without enduring the hassle of changing places in the enormous city of Shanghai, it is possible to get a taxi all the way from Pudong to Wuxi for between 350 and 500 yuan. If you have someone expecting you, or you are booked into a helpful hotel, this can be arranged and then there will be someone awaiting you at the airport holding a card with your name on it.

Coming from Nanjing

Coming by bus from Nanjing, the trip takes about three hours, and costs about 30 yuan. The trains are also frequent and cheap (currently 28 yuan). In Wuxi the main long-distance bus station is right next to the train station.
The same train system mentioned above also operates from Nanjing. The D train trip is around an hour and ten minutes.