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Wuxi Introduction

While travelling through the lush green countryside of Jiangsu province no tourist should hurry past the charming city of Wuxi (无锡,pronounced "woo-shee"). For those who enjoy lingering a bit longer Wuxi is a great city to settle down, to be involved with, or to work or invest in. In a nutshell it is full of opportunities and friendly people.

The city was originally called "Youxi" - meaning "with tin" - until the tin was all mined. Now it is "Wuxi"  - "without tin" - but maybe tin is the only thing that is missing from this modernized city with a long and interesting history.

The centre of Wuxi is a neat little city with busy streets and large department stores as well as a myriad of back streets and alleys full of tiny stalls, family businesses, and local people eager to please. A wealth of beautiful parks and peaceful gardens along with amazing scenery are just a short walk or brief bus ride away.

Fast Facts About Wuxi

Local Cuisine:
Dialing Code:
Getting There:
Getting Around:
Claim to Fame:
Eastern China, Jiangsu Province. Close to Shanghai.
Officially 5 to 6 Million. Less than half of this in city center.
Predominantly Han Chinese.
Mandarin (普通话) and Wuxi-talk (无锡话).
Huaiyang Style.
"+86 510" from abroad. "0510" from within China.
Air, train, bus.
Convenient taxis. Cheap buses.  Good for walking.
Does not freeze during winter. Hot, humid summer.
Pleasant spring and autumn.
Lake Tai (太湖), Lingshan Buddha.

Wuxi Tourist Attractions

In China everything has a statistical number attached to it. The sign will say it is the biggest, or oldest, or even that it is the third or eight or twelfth biggest or most wondeful in this particular city or province.

Well, Wuxi can boast some pretty hefty “Number 1s" (or at least 2s or 3s) in tourism.

Many places boast a “Big Buddha”, but Wuxi’s bronze Ling Shan Buddha stands 88 metres tall and is a “must see”, along with the other attractions around his feet.

Lake Tai, or “Tai Hu”, is another marvel to behold. There are a number of exquisite gardens and other sites on and around the lake. For something really different you may choose to visit one or all of the movie sets on the shores of the lake.

Along with the great Buddha and Lake Tai there are the many waterways weaving their way around and through Wuxi. The Grand Canal is particularly special as it passes through the city on its way from Hangzhou to Beijing. The history of the Grand Canal is something well worth looking into as it was an incredible project undertaken by the Chinese. There are many beautiful gardens such as Li Yuan and the Plum Garden which bring pleasure and tranquility to all who wander through. Even in the city centre visitors will notice the close-by mountain peak which is part of the scenic delights in Xihui Park.