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Xi Hui Park


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No. 53-1 Tingsong Lone, Head west along Ren Min Lu across the Grand Canal, China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi
Hours : Open 5:30am-5pm, night trip 6pm-10pm

About this place

Almost any viewpoint in Wuxi will draw you to Xi Hui Park, as the hill it sits on pokes outward above some of Wuxi’s tallest buildings.

The park contains a number of attractions, so there are a variety of admission packages depending on how much you want to see.

  • For starters there is the basic scenic area. Visitors stroll along the paths amidst flowers and other displays, take in the scenery, climb the hill and the pagoda, or even have a light lunch.
  • Another option is the cableway. The ride is quite long at 15-20 minutes each way. Visitors can buy a ticket as part of your entry, or buy one inside the park for 28 RMB (15 RMB for children). The views are great throughout the ride despite the fact that it is often a bit hazy at the very top. There is a limited selection of snacks to buy at the top.






  • There is also a small zoo. In 2006 construction began on a panda enclosure; the pandas will be here soon. Most of the other animals are in the old-fashioned (and inredibly out-of-date) concrete and metal-barred cages. They can just about poke between the bars if you have a bite of apple or something to offer them.                                                                                      
  • At peak times some of the animals get dressed up and do ridiculously cute human things. On quieter days it's nice for the kids on school excursions to be able to go home and say they saw some interesting animals at the zoo. It only costs 10 RMB to purchase a ticket, so why not take a peek?                                                                            
  • There is the museum of clay figurines. The figurines were created with a special kind of Wuxi purple clay.
  • Then there is the mine. The mine is free to walk through, but if you want to stop and see a small collection of reptiles (snakes, tortoises, crocodiles) on display in one of the rooms you have to pay another 5 RMB. The crocodile looks like he’s dead, but the curator will open the cage and poke him with a stick he keeps handy if you look curious enough. 


  • There is a warriors museum. It's designed to scare children, just the way kids like it.
  • There is also an amusement park with seven rides for kids, which can be included as part of your ticket price.

There are two hills: Xi Shan (锡山) and Hui Shan (惠山). Sometimes you will hear people refer to the hills as 'Xi Hui'.
If you are someone that enjoys a healthy and pleasant walk, you can easily amble from the from the city to the park. Otherwise there are several buses that head towards the park, including the number 10.

take bus No. 10 or No. 27

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