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Wuxi Train Station


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The Wuxi train station is conveniently located just outside the Central Business District, and a short 8 yuan taxi ride from most locations around the city. Many city buses also have a terminus right outside the station.  Express buses heading to other provinces also leave from the bus station alongside the railway station.
The train system is very efficient and reliable. The train is one of the most convenient ways to arrive in Wuxi. The Train Station (huoche zhan, 火车站) is naturally located on Train Station Road (Che Zhan Lu, 车站路). The train line to Wuxi runs from Nanjing through Wuxi to Suzhou and then Shanghai.
There is a ticket office at the station (phone [0510] - 82301033). There is another ticket office on Renmin Lu (人民路).  This ticket office (phone [0510] - 82708838) is just east of Wuxi’s main north-south road, Zhongshan Lu (中山路).
You can also book tickets at Liangxi Lu (phone [0510] - 85868704) which is outside of the Central Business District on the west side of the Grand Canal in the area particularly popular with Japanese visitors.
If you book tickets on the phone (or ask your hotel to reserve them for you), then you can ask to have them delivered to you. There is usually an extra 10 yuan fee per ticket.

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