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Tai Hu


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West end of Tai Hu Da Dao, China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi
Hours : 8am-5:30pm

About this place

Tai Hu, or Lake Tai, is a huge freshwater lake. it is the third largest lake in China with an area of 2250 square kilometres and average depth of 2 metres. It should come as little suprise that there are many great sights to see and experiences to enjoy at the lake.

A good place to start is to catch a bus from the city to the park at Turtle Head Peninsula.

  • Bus K1 takes you from the Train Station to the Chongshan (冲山) Gate of the park.
  • Bus K87 takes you from the Train Station to the Dushan Gate of the park.

Entrance to the park is 70 yuan, but it’s only 35 yuan for children. The price of admission includes the cost of the bus trip to the main attractions and boat ride across to the three tiny "Fairy Islands". Of course there are plenty of other places to enjoy in the park, but when first visiting a lake, it’s logical to hop in a boat and get out there on the water.

The ferry takes tourists across to the three Fairy islands which are joined by bridges. Tourists enjoy a pleasant hour or two exploring the Memorial Gateway, Screen Wall of Heaven, Water Curtained Cave, Huixian Bridge, Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, Crying Buddha, Heaven Emperor’s Palace, Taoist Altar, Matchmaker God’s Temple, Goddess Palace … and much more. It’s a pleasant spot with something for everyone.

This is Laozi - the chap with the big ears.
There are also Speed Boat Rides from the dock on Fairy Island. For a mere 20 yuan each tourists go rocketing back to the main peninsula, cutting through the convoy line of barges crossing the lake.
Back at Turtle Head there is still much more to see. Take another boat ride on one of the elegant  wooden sailboats. Then walk around and see the Sino-Japan friendship Cheery Woods (or maybe that was supposed to be "cherry"). From there cross the Second Spring Bridge to Misty Zhongdu Hill where the sites just keep unfolding.

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By Grace Yang,

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<p>Nice to know such a detail information!</p>
Highly recommend.

<p>Tai Hu the Number One Scenery in Wuxi, it as famous as West Lake in Suzhou due to it`s view and the clean water of this Lake.<br /> Besides, a giant Buddha also is one of famous spot to go in Wuxi.</p>

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