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Some of Wuxi's best and most interesting foods can be bought right on the street. This is the ultimate “fast food”, the true flavors of China, great for a lunch on the run or a leisurely snack as you enjoy a day of shopping.
Street vendors tend to be very mobile, because some of them operate without permission or proper licensing in parts of in the central business district. As you purchase a snack from a vendor, you will surely notice a nervous expression come across their face at the site of an approaching policeman. He or she will often have little choice, but to quickly hop on their trike and pedal away. However, a lot of them are quite legal and permanent.
There are street sellers down most of the small alleys off the main streets with a variety of offerings. Probably the best place to find a wide selection is along Hou Xi Xi, the narrow street which runs at right angles to Zhong Shan Lu right in the middle of the city.

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