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The Movie Sets


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On the shore of Lake Tai, take the K82 bus, China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi

About this place

Now here we have a tourist attraction that is a little unusual. While it's a notable change from temples, rock-cut stairs, and gardens, it remains so very Chinese. You will probably witness a movie being made, take a ride on a boat, horse, or even a camel, and definitely learn something about China’s incomparable history and culture.
There are three movie sets:
The Three Kingdoms” (三国城), “The Water Margin City” (水浒城), and “The Tang City” (唐城).
You could easily spend a couple of hours at each.
Getting there:
The K 82 bus goes to the movie sets from the Railway Station, or you can pick it up along the route. The bus costs 2 yuan, like all ‘K’ buses, but on this bus there is a conductor selling tickets. The trip takes about half an hour and the Three Kingdoms set is its final stop. You can get off earlier if you wish to visit one of the other sets first.
Entrance Fees:
To see just the Three Kingdoms – 55 yuan
To see just the Water Margin City – 50 yuan
To see both of these – 90 yuan
To see all three sets – 120 yuan
Obviously the package deal will save you money, but make sure to allow yourself enough time and that your legs are up to a fair bit of walking. You could also hire an electric cart to transport you around, but you may not be able to see as much close up that way.
Here are some of the things you can see at the Three Kingdoms:
Battleships in life-size and mini-size. You can take a ride here too!
Movies being made along with the tired actors who spend their days making them.
And as always there are ample explanations for everything you see.

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Miss this places!

I only went there once and it`s like 10 years gao, but everything still clear in my mind. The Three kindoms, The water Margin City, The Tang City.  It`s really interesting and also a review of history of China is more attracted me. Hope i will go back to see it again.

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