The Three Kingdoms City Tours – Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China

By Lisa Zhang,

Professional and Private Tour Guide/Interpreter based in Shanghai.

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The Three Kingdoms City


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West Shanshui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province., China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi
Hours : 7:30am-6pm

About this place

The Three Kingdoms City is located in Wuxi City, within Tai Lake, which is one of the most famous and important  CCTV Television and Film bases.

As we all konw, there are four famous Chinese classics works : " A Dream in Red Mansions'', '' The Three Kingdoms'', '' The Journey to the West'', and the last one is ''The Water Margin ''.

The Three Kingdoms ,simply explain,is three countries(  refer to Wei ,Shu ,Wu,these three  rival powers which separated China into three parts during the period of the Three Kingdoms.) fighting each other,but  from the wars,our ancestors had sumed up a series of stratagems,ways  which suit for different fields in nowadays ,such as, science , business, military, our daily life and so on. For people ,who like Chinese history ,this is a very good book to understand China!

In 1994, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms , was film here.After this historical TV series ,the shot base left for visitors and become a tourist attractions until now, and also there are many different perfomances  (which had happened in the film  )held here everyday . for example:'' Interlocked stratagems'' , '' Three heros fighting LV Bu'', Cathay ancient music'' and so on.Especially ,the Three Kingdoms City Scenic Area hold the the second Water Splashing Festival yesterday( Dai minority from Yunan Province), and it ends 15th of Auguest! The visitors can join in the dances and activites with the Dai people!

 The Three Kingdoms City scenic area keep all the Han Dynasty architecture style buildings .It worth for people who like China old history and culture to visit!



Take bus No.82 from the railway station.

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By Lisa Zhang,

Professional and Private Tour Guide/Interpreter based in Shanghai.

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