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CCTV Wuxi Movie- three kingdoms


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Hours : 8:30 am-5:00 pm

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CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base puts up over 20 eye-catching performances of cavalry combat, songs and dances, movie stunt etc. Among them are the exciting and majestic "Three Heroes Fighting Lv Bu", and the "Ancient Melodies of Hua Xia" a show of ancient beauty put out by numerous fair young women. The performance of "Exploring the Movie Stunts", stunt-playing stringed together that has become available lately is a even bigger eye-catcher. Then there are the "Yan Qing fighting on the Competing Platform", the "Interlocking Stratagem", "Overpowering Jiangmenshen in Drunken State" and "Hero Comes to the Rescue of the Beauty", also very popular with tourists. Since this year the Base has thrown in more to the performance and their adjustments. Costumes, settings and audio equipment for all main performance items are updated to create much more striking audio and video impact. No wonder one of tourists confided, " Just one show of Three Heroes Fighting Lv Bu is worth what the Three Kingdom admittance costs".

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Three kingdoms is a intesting place in Wuxi



I went CCTV Wuxi Movie- three kingdoms last year, it`s quite a large place. The day we were there, there is a movie was shooting there, pretty cool and interesting watching actors and director making the movie.
Also, from time to time it has ancient shows like house riding, kongfu contest, i like this place.

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