Yellow Crane Tower (Huang He Lou) Tours – Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Yellow Crane Tower (Huang He Lou)

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No. 1 Xishan Po, Wuchang Sheshan, Wuchang Dist., China, Hubei Province, Wuhan
Hours : 9 am to 10 pm

About this place

The Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan was originally built during the Three Kingdoms Period for military purposes. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times in successive dynasties. The present tower consists of a five-storey building with a height of 50.4 meters (165.4 ft). Murals, statues of great poets, poems, and paintings decorate the interior of the tower. Taking in the view from the top of the grand tower, one can enjoy the beauty of Wuhan City as well as the remarkable Chang Jiang (Yangtze) River passing by.
A legend goes that there was once a young man named Xin who ran a wine shop at the site of Yellow Crane Tower. A Taoist priest asked for wine one day, and Xin served the priest for free. The grateful Taoist priest painted a crane on the wall, which would dance whenever people clapped. People were amazed by the supernatural crane, so they swarmed to the wine shop. Ten years later the Taoist priest revisited the shop and rode the crane off into the sky. In memory of the immortal Taoist priest, Xin built a tower named Yellow Crane Tower.

Take tourist bus No. 401 or any bus going to Hankou or coming to Wuchang.

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User Reviews

Where my hometown is

By Julia Zhu,

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Yellow Crane Tower known as one of the three most famous towers in the South China is located in Wuhan, where I came from.So I know better than anybody else of it. It was built on the top of the Snake Hill which is pairing the Turtle Hill on the other side of the Yangtze River. It was firstly built as a lookout in the Three Kingdoms time, later when it was not used for military purpose any more, poets, writers , scholoars and people who have refined tastes came here for literal gatherings, that& more
Re: Yellow Crane Tower (Huang He Lou)

By Chris Tan,

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<p>You can not miss when you come to Wuhan!One of the top 3 famous buildings in China!</p>
Re: Yellow Crane Tower (Huang He Lou)

By ,

<p>I think all the educated Chinese should know this tower, a such famous tower because of a famous poet wrote a famous poetry here.</p> <p>I am always wondering the scenery that was written in the the poetry, would like to feel it myself, oneday.</p>
Chinese Four Famous Towers

By zengzeng,

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<p>In China, there are four famous towers which you can have a great view of the local city, which are Yellow Crane Tower in <a href="">Wuhan</a>, Tengwang Ge in Jiangxi, Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Penglai Ge in <a href="">Shandong Province</a>.</p>
I will go there this summer!

By Ruby,

look around,the greatest view is in front of you

<p>Since the NEW D-train start running this April, it`s only takes 3 hours from Nanjing to Wuhan, i am so excited about it, it wasn`t on my This years travel list, but now, IT`S ON. HaHa...</p>

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