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Re Gan Mian (Hot-dry Noodles)


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Hankou Zhongshan Dadao Street, China, Hubei Province, Wuhan
Hours : 8am-9pm

About this place

Re Gan Mian is reputed to be one of the five most popular types of noodles in China and the preferred breakfast choice by residents of Wuhan. When in Wuhan, be sure to try a bowl of the Re Gan Mian for just 1 Yuan. The noodles are truly delicious.
Dozens of street vendors and small restaurants all over the city sell Re Gan Mian.  Be careful to avoid unsanitary vendors.  The Cai Lin Ji noodle restaurant located at Zhongshan Dadao Street (汉口中山大道) in Hankou is regarded as the best location to eat Re Gan Mian.

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Re: Re Gan Mian (Hot-dry Noodles)

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou


Re Gan Mian is my favorites noodles in my hometown !!!!!

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