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Cu Cha Dan Fan Restaurant


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No. 117 Hanjiang Bei Lu (Take Bus No. 703), China, Hubei Province, Wuhan
Hours : 11am-2pm and 5-9pm.

About this place

This two-story restaurant’s menu consists of mainly breads, pastas, wild greens, mushrooms, and fish. Specialties include dishes served in bamboo stalks and hollowed-out melons and squashes. For a vegetarian starter, try the sautéed baby turnip greens with dried red peppers (jian jiao luo bo ye, 尖椒萝卜叶); the dish is quite spicy, but it is too tasty not to try. Wuhan's rice bread (mian wo, 面窝) provides an interesting alternative to rice. It looks and tastes somewhat like a bagel chip with the flavor provided by black sesame seeds and onion. Usually eaten for breakfast, this bite-size version is a perfect accompaniment to a meal.
A few standouts must be tried: Shui guo xiang fan (水果香饭) is sticky rice with pieces of watermelon, pineapple, and green melon served in a melon shell. Xiao mi zhu tong pai gu (小米竹桶排骨), a Hubei province specialty, is composed of spareribs and millet which is steamed and then served together in a halved bamboo stalk. Last, but not least is "Five Treasures in a Golden Squash" (jin gua kou wu bao, 金花扣五宝), a delicate sweet soup of lotus seeds, dates, peanuts, and pumpkin served in a small pumpkin.

Take Bus No. 703 to get there.

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