Baotong Si Su Cai Guan (Vegetarian Temple Restaurant). Tours – Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Baotong Si Su Cai Guan (Vegetarian Temple Restaurant).


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No. 289 Wuluo Lu, China, Hubei Province, Wuhan
Hours : Hours of Operation: 9am-8:30pm.

About this place

This vegetarian restaurant prepares zhai cai (斋菜, Buddhist cuisine) in the traditional style of the temple, specializing in faux meat, fish, and fowl dishes. One delicious appetizer is wu xiang niu rou (五香牛肉, faux beef with blended spices). Made from dou fu pi (豆腐皮), the most nutritious layer, this dish is served with hot sesame oil and soy sauce. Another dou fu pi main dish is hong shao fu zhu (红烧腐竹), which are braised dou fu pi rolls with bamboo shoots and green pepper. Be sure to try two more dishes that make no attempt to look like anything other than what they are. One is quan jia fu (全家福), which is made of several kinds of mushrooms sautéed with dates. The other is you mai cai (油麦菜), which is a dark-green leafy vegetable similar to spinach. Both dishes are delicate and full of natural flavor.

Take bus no. 18, 25, 518, 519, 577, or 710 to Hong Shan Gong Yuan (洪山公园)bus stop.

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