Ba Yi Lu (Wuhan University) Tours – Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Ba Yi Lu (Wuhan University)
八一路 (武汉大学)

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 The University (Wuhan University and others) area offers some smaller and more relaxed places to have a drink. The streets around Ba Yi Lu (武昌八一路, 武汉大学正门口东) are especially good and the Festival Bar is currently popular among Wuhan's foreign students. A similar place is the Sunshine Bar near the Shangri La hotel. The Sunshine Bar is a bit more expensive than the bars around the universities.



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Re: Ba Yi Lu (Wuhan University)

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.

<p>thanks for sharing.</p>
Re: Ba Yi Lu (Wuhan University)

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou

<p>The best time to go to Wuhan university is around end of March to Mid of April, so you can see beautiful Sakura.</p>

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