What Types of Membership does Synotrip Provide?

Please read below to learn Synotrip's memberships. You can also watch this video to get started: click here.




When you just registered, your profile will NOT display on the local tour guide list, because you need a membership, here are 4 types of membership we have:

1. Starter

2. Pro

3. Premium

4. PPD (Pay per Deal).


Please read below to learn what are the differences between these 4 memberships.


1. Starter Tour Guides get to:

   ·  Post contents. But your content will not be published until our moderator review and approve it. 

   ·  Show up on Tour Guide list pages free for up to 3 months.

After your registration and filling out all the necessary information for your profile page, when your profile is checked and approved by our moderator (usually 1-3 workdays), you will get a Starter membership which keeps you stay on the list for 3 months for free.

* Necessary information: including your name, profile photo, location, tagline, about me, contacts...and especially upload your tour guide license or ID card as a CERTIFICATE.


If you still haven't got it after you filled out all your information, please feel free to remind us at [email protected].


After your Starter membership expires, you will be off the tour guide list, then you need another kind of the following memberships to keep you stay on.



2. Pro Tour Guides get to:

   ·  Post contents. And content automatically published (moderators will double-check later).

   ·  Display your phone number and other contact info on profile & Tours.

   ·  Show up above Starter Tour Guides on list pages.

   ·  Receive premium support - Help to edit your profile. Advice on creating content.



3. Premium Tour Guides also get everything Pro and Starter Tour Guides get, plus they can:

   ·  Show up on top of the list for up to 3 locations.


If you want to purchase Pro or Premium memberships, you can help yourself at the top of this page.



4. We also provide a commissioning membership, Pay per Deal (PPD):

Instead of paying monthly or yearly in advance like a Pro or Premium, PPD tour guides can stay on the list for free, but they need to pay Synotrip 20% of the service fee of each deal they get from Synotrip. This is how it's working:

   ·  Only Synotrip's email address is displayed on your profile page for the trippers to contact;

   ·  When Synotrip gets an inquiry from a tripper asking for your service, it will be forwarded to you, and leave you to talk and arrange the services with the tripper on your own;

   ·  When the tour is done, you pay Synotrip 20% of the total fee as the commission (this is why it's called Pay per Deal);

   ·  We will randomly choose trippers to call back to check your services and their satisfaction;

   ·  Each time we would issue you one-year PPD membership, and we will reevaluate your account when your one-year PPD membership expires, if you got more than 1 complaint from the tripper, you are disqualified to apply for next year's PPD membership;

   ·  If you break any of the agreements above, Synotrip is allowed to cancel your PPD membership at any time.


To apply for a PPD membership, you need to meet these conditions:

   ·  Signed up for Synotrip tour guide for more than one year;

   ·  Posted more than 20 published contents (albums, attractions, articles...);

   ·  Filled out all the information for your profile page, including your name, location(s), tagline, profile photo, certificate;

   ·  With at least one review from your client on your profile page.


If you meet these conditions above, please write an email to [email protected] to apply. 



* What are the differences between Pro/Premium membership and PPD?

   ·  Pro/Premium tour guides can put their own contact information (email, mobile, Skype, Wechat, Facebook...) on their profile pages, but PPD tour guides' profile pages only have Synotrip's email for contact information, therefore, when a tripper wants to contact a Pro/Premium tour guide, they can contact directly by any method they like, but if a tripper wants to contact a PPD user, they can only email to Synotrip to get forwarded;

   ·  Pro/Premium users pay membership fee monthly or yearly in advance, and during the purchased time they don't need to pay any commission no matter how many businesses they get from Synotrip; PPD users need to pay Synotrip commission for each deal that they get from Syntorip, that will be 20% of the total service fee of each deal;

   ·  PPD users will have the same ranking as Premium users, which both are higher ranked than Pro users, the ranking of the tour guide list goes Premium=PPD>Pro>Starter



* How are the 4 types of tour guides ranked on the tour guide list?

   ·  A new registered tour guide is not displayed on the tour guide list until they get a Starter membership;

   ·  Tour guide list ranking goes by, Premium=PPD>Pro>Starter;

   ·  In the same type of tour guides, the ranking goes by the points the tour guides earned in the last 12 months of that location. For example, on the list of Shanghai tour guides, if 2 Shanghai tour guides are both Premium users, they will display above all other Pro and Starter tour guides in Shanghai, but between 2 of them, who posted more about Shanghai in the post 12 months, who has more points of Shanghai and that tour guide is higher than the other one. Therefore, on a tour guide's profile page the displayed point is what they earned by posting totally, but on the tour guide page, the point is what they earned by posting in the past 12 months.

   ·  If tour guides have the same membership and exact same points of a certain location, then the ranking is shuffled, they could be displayed as ABCDE but DECAB when you refresh the page or check next time. 



* Check your membership status

STEP 1: Go to your profile page

STEP 2: Click "Membership" on the tabs

You can see what kind of membership you are holding and when it expires.



* Reminder email upon expiration

The system will remind you of the expiration one week before and when your role changes.