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Veranda Bridge Restaurant Chengdu


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66#,Bingjiang Road East , Jinjiang District ,Chengdu , Sichuan ,China , Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Hours : 10:00-23:00

About this place

Veranda Bridge Restaurant is locaed at Anshun Bridge over the crossing of Fu River and Nan River . it is the only restaurant in on a bridge in Chengdu , even in China at large . Main body of the building is imitation of antique Ming and  Qing Dynasty stule . it blends the essence of Bashu Cuisine with architectures of national characteristics . 

with luxurious interior design and boundless view, Veranda Bridge Restaurant offers its best when lights are lit n the night . it is a good choice to dine and to savor the city . 

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