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Maoxian county


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About this place


Geographical Location : 

Maoxian is a hub to connect Aba region with big cities like Chengdu. Maoxian is also on No.213 national highway, and a key point for access to the famous cultrual heritage locations of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong 

Maoxian County town is located in Fengyi town, 193km away from Chengdu, 290 km away from Ma'erkang , the capital of Aba. 

Climate :

the climate in Maoxian is dry and windy, summer isi cool. the day and night temperature is quite different and varies with regions. it has a year-round average temperature of 11.3 º. 1545 hours of  sunshine and an annual rainfall of 486.3 mm. Because of the widely different temperature between valley and alpine region .

Native Specialties

Maoxian is endowed with diversified  native specialties for its vast territory and complicated  climate. it is wealthy in apple, Sichuan pepper, cherry, crisp green plum and traditional Chinese medicine. Handicrafts like the Qiang embroidery and trappings add more  charm to Maoxian

the staple food of Qiang People are corn, potato and buckwheat, etc. meat vegetable bean products and m any edible wide herbs serve as the supplementary food .  many snacks n this area have become specialties of hotels and restaurants in Jiuzhaigou sightseeing traffic circle and are warmly welcome by tourists . 

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By Weaver Liu,

Welcome to Chengdu. Travel with the insider.

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