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Jiange Ancient Town


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Jian'ge Ancient Town

Listed in the first batch of renowned historical and cultural cities in Sichuan, the Ancient Town is  embraced by mountains and faces water on three sides, in which, houses were built against the mountain. in recent years, despite of new buildings established, the aged bell tower, walls and gates are still intact, attracting numerous Chinese and foreign archaeologists, photographers, painters and directors of films and TVs coming here for a visit and photographing. The west gate of Jiange Town is the the only way which must be passed b by ancient Shu Road, where a number of places of historic interest and scenic beauty can be found, in particular, the Happiness Spring , which deserves you to have a look . Ancient buildings well protected with great archaeological values include ancient walls, embrasured watchtowers, towers and drum towers, Temple of the God of Fire, the stele of " 10 political programmes " left by the Fourth Red Army.  

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