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Cuiyun Corridor


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About this place

       Cuiyun Corridor was called Jianzhou Lubai in ancient times, aoso popularly known as 'Huangbai Road(Road of royal cypress)" or Hundred thousand trees in 300-li distance and reputed as the " Ancient Rome Avenue in the East" . now there are over 8000 ancient cypress trees , the first batch of which said to be planted in the Qin and Han dynasties, and mostly by soldiers led by Zhangfei in the era of the Three Kingdoms. 

         is is divided into three sections, namely the south section, the west section and the north section. 

         South Section -the main route from the ancient Jianzhou to Baxi prefecture( Langzhong city today ) it has more than 4,000 ancient cypress trees planted. 

         West Section -this road was once called township of pine seedlings . there are nearly 200 ancient cypress trees along this post road . 

         North Section- is the only thoroughfare that connects the ancient Sichuan with the central plain. it consists of three senic spots. Many visitors ,travellers pedestrians and business people ,travelling by common and i mperial carriages, stayed here for a rest or meal. In the Three Kingdoms times, Zhuge Liang has put the army in position here during his six expeditions to Mt.Qishan. there are some relics such as the"  beacon tower", in the ancient times, these had been places for setting up military camps . 

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