The Ancient City of Songpan, Sichuan Province, Aba, China

The Ancient City of Songpan


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       2 hours drive from Jiuzhai Valley, Songpan is the closest big town to Huanglong National Park and the Jiuhuang airport which services both Huanglong and Valley National parks 

       The ancient city of Songpan was built during the Tang Dynasty( 618-907 AD) and it was later rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty( 1368-1644). Songpan was an important military post and economic and trading center for house and tea exchange between Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai and Tibet. in 1935, led by Chairman Mao and Prim minister Zhou, the retreating Chinese Communist Army marched through the plateau of Songpan to advance to the North Western province 

      As well as the history and scenery of Songpan, the cultural diversity is fascinating. Because of its location, three ethnic groups are resident in Songpan namely Tibetan, Hui( Muslim ) and Han( Chinese).this contributes to the unique cultural style of this ancient town. This multi-cultural medley of the different cultural elements in this historical town makes for a rare example of cultural history in China 

     Walking along the bustling ancient streets in the town, some exquisite objects and ornaments can be found in the old stores, such as silver jewellery, enthnic costumes and even yak horn hair combs. such cultural diversity gives rise to many unusual and tempting culinary delights.

      While the ancient city of Songpan itself has plenty to keep you busy , the countryside surrounding the city offers a variety of tourist attractions. The Minshan mountain range surrounding the city provides such sights as Tibetan yak and goat herders leading their livestock over rolling grasses and endless valleys

     The best way to view this quthentic side of minority mountain likfe is through one of Songpan's many horse trekking excursions . 


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Songpan is city highlighted rich in Tang. Walking inside ,trace  the story of the princess.  you would have a immersing feels. Story happened , but stays forever there. Amazingness.

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