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Hoi An, Hue - An ancient city

Hoi An - a place of antiquity and peace, is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam in which travelers can savor all tastes and contemplate the beauty of the World Heritage Site, recognized by UNESCO in 1999 and meet Hoi An people who are warm-hearted, traditional but never out of touch with the outside world.

Hoi An these days has still well preserved its most scared treasure and the centuries-old architecture. Hoi An is a perfect picture of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cultures. Coming to Hoi An, you can see the unique sites that are unlike any other in the world. May temples, pagodas and the ancient architectures make up the reputation and carry with them the history of Hoi An.

Don’t forget to drop in a souvenir shop or a tailor shop on the street in which most designs are traditional Vietnamese in nature and service personal bespoke orders. Buy you family and friends multi-coloured lanterns or a bronze statue to remind yourself of Vietnam.

Especially, Hoi An’s FOOD and CUISINES are things you can not miss. Cao lau-Hoi An’s signature dish, Quang noodle, Hoi An Chicken rice and bacon may become cuisines that you cannot forget when visiting Hoi An. Visitors can feel secure about prices and services which are rightfully on par with many venues in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Ignore your hustling busy path of life, have break and slowly enjoy these foods, no noise and no work. 
Immerse in the beauty of the tourism-enriching little town in Hoi An and let us carry your worries.