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Tips for travel to Vietnam

1. Visa and Booking
Before travelling to Vietnam, you can pre-arrange a visa on arrival online but sometimes you have to wait for a long time in Vietnamese airport or Embassy. 
Let us – VIETNAM TRAVEL CONSULTANT – do it for you, you just need bring your bag and have a safe flight. All of your worries - let us carry.

2. Tour guides
Visiting Vietnam, you should find an experienced and enthusiasm tour guide who can help you discover many magnificent landscapes, culture, history stories of Vietnam as well as guide you to savor many delicious food.

VIETNAM TRAVEL CONSULTANT will be one of you favorites with a network of professional tour guides throughout Vietnam. They will be those who carry each of your worries and bring you a fabulous and unforgettable experience when visiting Vietnam.

3. Eating
You cannot come to Vietnam and not savour a wide range of famous and traditional cuisine such as “Bun Cha”, “Pho”, “Cha Ca” and spring roll. You will be unforgettable the flavour of these food and sometimes you want to learn how to cook them by yourself.

Come to one of the most lightening street food tours of VIETNAM TRAVEL CONSULTANT in Hanoi, Hue, HCMC, etc to eat street food and listen to real life stories of Vietnamese people. Or why don’t you learn one of our interesting Vietnamese cooking courses – ROSE & COOKING CLASS. They help you learn how to cook well-known dishes of Vietnam in the most detailed and easiest way. Let professional chefs help you guys and bring the Vietnamese flavor to your home.

4. Shopping
Many Vietnamese tourist attractions are lined with a lot of fashion stories, souvenir stalls and trinket sellers or you can find luxury brands, cinemas and colorful areas. When you visit Vietnam, buy souvenirs or traditional things such as Non La, puppets, Ao Dai, etc and consider them one of the most unforgettable memories in your life.

Let our kind-hearted and enthusiastic tour guides help you choose the best things you want.

5. Movement
Taxi in Vietnam is quite cheap and pretty decent. When visiting Vietnam, you can hail a taxi to come to any place you want. You can also arrange a pick-up and drop-off service from airport to hotel. However, you sometimes feel embarrassed because you have some problems to hail a taxi with cheap price but good, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are bustle and hustle cities of Vietnam with the rush and blur of daily life.

VIETNAM TRAVEL CONSULTANT will offer transportation services and arrange a pick-up and drop-off service for you to sure that you are not worried about anything of your movement.