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These days, Hanoians feel a coming cold winter, with the average temperature of 17 degree Celsius, but it is not so harsh as Japan, Korea and China. However, the winter temperature in Hanoi is extremely low from January to March, so some places in the north of Vietnam such as Sapa (Lao Cai Province) and Mau Son (Lang Son Province) sometimes appear snow. Hanoi’s winter is charming with cold atmosphere, colorful coats and sometimes warm sunlight which warm you up in chilly day.

Tourists visiting Hanoi can feel the cold weather not like other areas in the world. Because the sky in winter often dark and gloomy, it often brings a sad feeling. In contrast, with Hanoi’s winter, you can see its busiest days, crowed streets during working days. Especially, Hanoi’s winter is also famous for many delicious street foods like hotpot or grilled corn, tourists can favor these warm dishes which bring indescribable feelings.In addition, spend several days visiting Sapa, Mau Son and Ha Giang to watch very beautiful snowflakes with a wide range of shapes and immerse in mysterious and thick fog.

Remember to bring some warm clothes to sure that you will not get a cold when visiting these places in Vietnam.