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Vientiane- Laos ( discover by yourself)

It's such a long and tired on the road from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, Laos. The distance  is about 340 km away, takes us 8 - 10 hours on bus. The bus price  is 110k / person ( ~  15$). The Bus rided too slow because of dangerous mountain pass . After about 2 hours riding, the bus got trouble with the tires. The customers still waited and waited with hope that they should fix the bus. Because no much of peole come here, few of houses lived far from our location. We  worry that the bad situation can be happen, we had to overnight here. Lucky, we prepared some fast foods ( snacks, cookies...) for our dinner and shared them to others. After more 6 hours with the help of local people and customers, the bus is alright and we continued on the road to Vientiane. Now it was 6:00 pm, we had the chance to see the sunset in the mountain.

The bus  stopped for dinner, the expected time to Vienna is around 5:00 am the next day. So we sleep one night on the bus. At the bus station in Vienna, there are many tuk tuk was waiting to transport you to the center.  Depend on how many people go together,  If you joined with a group from 5-10 people on tuk tuk, the price is cheper- about 20k Kip.  This really is not a bad experience, instead we welcome the dawn on the road.

We walked over 1 km to find hostels, 5:00 am, the capital of Laos still sinking in deep sleep. Walk around for a while we chose Funny Monkey Hostel to stay, cheap and very clean rooms, but shared toilet and bathroom.  The price is 100k Kip / night without breakfast, had aircon. Check in at 6:00 am, check out at 12: 00 noon. 

We rent Motorcycle with  60k Kip (~ 9$ ) for 24 hours.  So if you rent at 3:00 pm, it counted to 3:00 pm tomorrow .  Almost the hostel, guesthouse in Vietiane had this service. You should rent at your hostel, they can give you some discount and good bike. We discovered over some famous place of Vientiane  as Vat Sisaket Vientiane, Ho Phara Keo, Presidental Palace, ...

Evening in Vientiane is quite busy, after dinne,  we decided walk to night market. Before leaving, the owner of our hostel  told us that be carefully when walk along the riverside. This place is every complicated, many local people sell ilegal items.
The second day,  we got up early to go to visit the Buddha Park. This place is a lot of Buddha statues  in Laos, far about 26 km  from Vientiane (1h running motor). Entrance fees for 2 people is 15k Kip  (~ 2 $).  What impressed me in Buddha Park is the story behind each of Buddha.  There is an entire gallery and explain the meaning of each statue. An impressive architecture here is the giant pumpkin, with 3 floors inside symbolizing Hell, Earth, Heaven level. Visitors can go inside through demon mouth gate with 3 meter height  to climb stairs from Hell to Heaven. At the top, you can see the Viewpoint of Buddha park.

In the afternoon,  we came back  to Vientiane, visit Patuxay. It were built between 1957 and 1968. The architecture  is the same as the Arc de Triomphe  was built in Paris, the capital of  France. However, there  still had unique features in Laos, especially as Kinnara (half-bird and half- human creatures, dancers in Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism.