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About Me

Hi,I am Vivi ,I work as a Business Interpreter/sourcing assistant/ tour guide based in Shenzhen. I am helping you not only with language but also to navigate the unknown territory for most foreigners that is Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Let me briefly introduce myself.I majored in International economics and trade during university.After graduation, I had been working for several years as an international sales manager in the electronic manufacturer.

After that, i am working as an interpreter/Sourcing Assistant now. I am working with multicultural and diverse work force. I worked with the world's first class company such as HP(Hewlett-Packard), so i know all of the production procedure and criterion. I participated in Canton Fair& Hongkong Fairs & other fairs for many times. I also accompany customer to visit factories for the business meeting and factory audit.I have the full knowledge and practice for the international trading and production manufacturing process. I can help to find the good suppliers and make your business trip successful here.

I am helping you not only with language but also to navigate the unknown territory for most foreigners that is Chines business culture and etiquette. based on the searching, evaluation and following of the suppliers in line with customer requirements, meeting the needs of reducing costs, delivery on time and continuously improving quality.we can work together to monitor our allied manufacturers and to work out the details of your requirements.

Furthermore, i am a travelling lover, i believe traveling is the best way to explore and see the world. i have been to Australia,Italy, Germany, Iran, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia , Korea and Sri Lanka,Vietnam and so on. I have the tour guide licence.China is a country with 5000 years of history, a vast territory and multitude of nationalities. China don't only have the fast developing modern cities,but also have a resourceful natural landscape, diverse and delicious food, i will not only take you to the must-visit tourist attractions, but also to the only-local-knows places. Looking forwards to meet you here.

The services i am offering are as below:
-Sourcing Assistant/Agent
- Business interpreter
- Supplier and factory visit/Audit
- Order follow-up
- Shipment arrangement
- Tour guide service
- Car /Hotel booking

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