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About Me

Tirdaad or Abbass as I have two different registered names! You can find me at Synotrip South African Guides with name of Abbass too. I am 50 Years old, over 7 years member of Synotrip, 10 years member of Viator.  I am Official, National Iranian Cultural and Green (Eco) Tourist Guide (Guide Licences No. 2917C/2917E), South African Official Cultural Tourist Guide (Guide Licence No. GP3958) a PolyglotSigner in Persian-Dari (Old, Middle, New), English, Spanish, German, American Sign Language (ASL), French Sign Language (LSF), Spanish Sign Language (LSE), German Sign Language (DGS), Russian Sign Language (RZA) and Braille for the Blind in English, German, French and Russian!  I am a Polyglot Signer who can sign 5 different Languages as part of my welcome to Tourists with Audio Disabilities. I am working as a tourist guide in Iran, South Africa and Afghanistan for 14 years. I have guided numerous groups in three countries. I have travelled some countries of each 4 continents in Europe, Africa, Asia & Far-East and South America. I am one of the most prolific guides in this region. I have guided more than 3700 visitors within 14 years of my guiding Span. As far a I know, I am the only guide capable of different Sign Languages in Iran, South Africa and Afghanistan. No wonder, It takes years to learn! 

I have studied Archeology, Automechanics, Metallurgical Engineering, Metal Hand Engravings, Several Guiding Courses in Iran and South Africa, Teaching Blind, Studying Sign Languages,  Studying Eastern Extinct Languages in the past 32 years of my autodidackt studying and have been guiding numerous groups in Iran South Africa and Afghanistan more than a decade of my guiding Career.  I guide you with full knowlege about Botany, Birds, History, Geography, Archeology, Astronomy, Geology, and any related topics in Iran, Afghanistan and South Africa. If you are looking for a guide in these regions, just pick up one with knowledge not even me whoever is knowledgeable and based on your budgets. I guide my people with full gear of knowledge unrivalled by any other colleagues. I do live based on guiding However,  I do not guide for Money alone but rather Passion and my rates are reasonable comparing with so much knowledge offered and rendered to my Guests as enough reasons that I am not an ordinary Tourist Guide but exceptional. My rates are based on my knowledge and Passionate about my Job and for individual travellers up to 6 packs as with the same daily rates. Part of my fees go to transport and driver costs although I own the highest and heavy-vehicles driving permits both in Iran and SA but I do not do driver-guiding as a driver-guide simply can not be a good guide! I personally do not believe in such an simultaneous job as driving and guiding! It is jeopardising life of visitors and even guide-itself as a good guide can not be present in three place ( Road, Vehicle, Explanations ) at the same time unless she/he is a babbler! 

I do not believe in wheeling and dealings behind visitors and do favoritism towards local merchants. I condemn such a violations on ethics and code of conducts. Defaming reputable Guides in any country by low-level guides who offer cheap rates to foreign visitors but infringe on such a morals and ethics and defame other guides. A guide is licenced for guiding not commission takings! I consider No Respect for such a Trespassers disguised in Guides! Finally, Your transport can be arranged for any kind of tours customized based on your requirements no matter where you travel. I am at your Service in Iran, Afghanistan and South Africa. I am proud of being Guide for South Africa, Iran and Afghanistan and help Visitors in these regions irrespect of Gender, Religion, Nationality and Creeds. Please feel free write me in English,German, Spanish, French & Persian.

My past is my Credits. 

All Regards

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