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PPD membership keeps you on the tour guide list for free.



How to get on the Tour Guide list for FREE?

   ·  After your registration and fill out all the necessary information, your profile page is created.

   ·  With 10 published posts, you are qualified to apply for a PPD membership.

   ·  Please send an email to [email protected] to apply for a PPD membership.

   ·  When your profile is checked and approved by our moderator (usually 1-3 workdays), you will get a PPD membership that keeps you stay on the Tour Guide list for free.


* Necessary information: including your name, profile photo, location, tagline, about me, contacts...and especially upload your tour guide license or ID card as a CERTIFICATE.



Pay per Deal (PPD) Membership:

Instead of paying monthly or yearly membership fees like before, now PPD tour guides can stay on the list for FREE, but they need to pay Synotrip 15% of the service fee of each deal they get from Synotrip.

This is how it's working:

   ·  Only Synotrip's email address is displayed on your profile page for the trippers to contact (tour guide's personal contact information is not allowed);

   ·  When Synotrip gets an inquiry from a tripper asking for your service, it will be forwarded to you, and leave you to talk and arrange the services with the tripper on your own;

   ·  When the tour is done, you pay Synotrip 15% of the total service fee as the commission (this is why it's called Pay per Deal);

   ·  We will randomly choose trippers to call back to check your services and their satisfaction;

   ·  Each time we would issue you one-year PPD membership, and we will reevaluate your account when your one-year PPD membership expires, if you got more than 1 complaint from the tripper, you are disqualified to apply for next year's PPD membership;

   ·  If you break any of the agreements above, Synotrip is allowed to cancel your PPD membership at any time.


To apply for a PPD membership, you need to meet these conditions:

   ·  Sign up as a Synotrip tour guide and fill out all the necessary information for your profile page (*necessary information see above);

   ·  Posted more than 10 published content (albums, attractions, articles...Check here to learn how to post content).


* If you meet these conditions above, please write an email to [email protected] to apply. 



How will the trippers contact me?

  · It will be Synotrip's email as the contact information on your profile page, so when the trippers email us asking about your service, we will forward the inquiry to you. 



How are the tour guides ranked on the tour guide list?

   ·  Tour guides are ranked by the points they earned in the past 12 months. Tour guides can earn points by posting content



Check your membership status

STEP 1: Login and go to your profile page

STEP 2: Click "Membership" on the tabs

You can see what kind of membership you are holding and when it expires.



Reminder email upon expiration

   ·  The system will remind you of the expiration one week before and when your role changes.

   ·  If you haven't logged in more than 90 days, you will be off the list as "inactive". 



Synotrip reserves the right to delete or block a user's account when the user:

   ·  Harass other tour guides or trippers;

   ·  Get a serious complaint from the tripper;

   ·  Broke the local law.