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Old Bridge
Ponte Vecchio


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This beautiful bridge proudly represents one of the most famous Florentine landmarks. It goes over Arno River. It dates back to Medieval period and since then it has been used as a place where many merchants could offer their goods. Even though, at first, there were mainly butchers occupying the interior of this closed bridge, over the time other shops opened and today, there are mainly souvenir shops, arts stands and jewelers.  As it is the case with many old bridges, even Ponte Vecchio was built and rebuild several times. It was first built in the 10th century but it was destroyed by a flood, the same was the destiny of the second stone bridge. The current bridge was built in the 14th century and it is still standing still.
Today, this part of the city is one of the most visited by numerous tourists.
Florence has two other similar bridges, of course not the same and not as much crowded. These are Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte alle Grazie.

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This bridge has been used as a place where many merchants could offer their goods.

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