Jiao He ruins Tours – Turpan, Xinjiang Region, China

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Jiao He ruins


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13km west of Turpan, China, Xinjiang Region, Turpan
Hours : 08:30-18:00

About this place

The Jiao He Ruins---It is in the west of  Turfan city 13 km.The old city was built on the loess terrace which is 30 meters high.All of constructions were built from 2 century BC to 5 century BC by Che Shi people.It is about 1650 meters long and the widdest place is 300 meters,the shape of which looks like one willow leaf.In Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) it was the highest military affairs and administrative management of the west regions . It was included into the world heritage by UNESCO on June 22 of 2014.

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