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Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Katedrala Sv. Lovre


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John Paul II Square, Croatia, Trogir

About this place

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence is a Roman Catholic cathedral located on the main square in Trogir, Croatia. The construction of this amazing monument lasted for several centuries nut the mains style could be determined as Romanesque-Gothic.
Before the construction of this cathedral there existed another Christian cathedral that was destroyed by the Saracens in the early 12th century.

The most famous part of the cathedral is its portal named after the sculptor Radovan who built it.

The portal is divided into the upper and lower part. The upper part has several arches on which are shown scenes from the life of Christ.

The statues representing Adam and Eve are located each on each side. They are covered with the leaves and two lions are stepping on the heads of the serpents who offered the apple to Eve.

On top, above the upper part one can see a sculpture of Saint Lawrence holding a grill that is used in order to prepare food on burned wood. There is a reason for which Saint Lawrence holds a grill: the Roman emperor ordered his execution by burning him on a grill.

Another beautiful part of the cathedral is the chapel within the cathedral dedicated to Saint John. The chapel is built in the Renaissance style. The chapel is remarkably beautiful, especially its roof with sculpted heads of seraphs and a larger sculpture representing God seeing us from the heaven.

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