Yuan Yang Terrace

Image of Yuan Yang Terrace

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Duration : 2 days
Starting Price : 200USD/Person

Tour Description

The Yuanyang all mountains, all terraces are built on the hillside, terraced slope between 15 degrees to 75 degrees.The terraced fields highest progression up to 3000, which is rare in the Chinese and foreign terraced landscape. Yuanyang Hani Terrace three major scenic spots: the dam amounted scenic Qingkou the full blessing Zhuang, Ma Li Walled master Lu contiguous 14,000 acres of terraced fields, the Tiger Mouth scenic Meng of goods, cave Pu, Ah Meng control, Paul cottage nearly 6,000 acres of terraced fields, and more, according to the tree scenic depended more on the tree, love spring, roof over contiguous mu terraced. So many terraces, surrounded by vast forests, endless sea of ​​clouds covering constitute a magical and magnificent landscape. These scenic area is ready to declare the core of the World Heritage protected areas.

Image of Yuan Yang Terrace Image of Yuan Yang Terrace Image of Yuan Yang Terrace

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