An itinerary for 12 days trip to Iran to visit Ziggurat, Susa, Persepolis, Yazd and more

Image of An itinerary for 12 days trip to Iran to visit Ziggurat, Susa, Persepolis, Yazd and more

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Iran Ziggurat Tours  on 2 weeks

Day 1 Arrival in Tehran: Arrival at Tehran IKA Intl Airport, Meet and assist by our Iran Tour Guide, Transfer to Hotel, Check in at Hotel. Overnight Tehran

Day 2 Tehran Day Tour, latter flight to Ahwaz: Visit National Museum and archaeological Collections, after visit Golestan Palace including several historical palace and building, visit Tehran Bazaar and Imam (Royal) Mosque. transfer to airport for a flight to ahwaz, Overnight Ahwaz

Day 3 Excursion to Ziggurat of the Chiqa Zanbil, Susa & Shushtar: Full day excursion to Ziggurat of the Choqa Zanbil dates back to the Elamite time on 1250 B.C, after we visit haft tappeh to visit elamite necropolis along with Susa to visit the remains of Achaemenian Palaces also we visit tomb of Daniel the prophet, afterwards we move to Shushtar to visit the Sushtar Historic waterfall which is now registered as a Unesco heritage site, drives back to ahwaz, Overnight Ahwaz

Day 4 Drives to Shiraz: early in the morning and after breakfast, we drives to Shiraz, en-route we stop to visit Bishapur where you can visit the remains of Ancient Sassanid city built by Shapur 1st, after there are some Sassanid bas-reliefs at the place called Tang-e Chigan which is in details of Shapur's Victories over the roman empire, latter arrives to Shiraz, Overnight in Shiraz

Day 5 Shiraz Day Tour: Visit Lovely Shiraz, a city known as the city of rose, nightingales and poetries, visit Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil complex including Mosque and the Bazaar, after visit nasir al molk mosque after visit tomb of hafez and sa'adi, Overnight Shiraz

Day 6 Excursion to visit Persepolis, Naghsh-e rostam and Pasargadae:Early n the morning, we drive toward the Bride of the desert, Yazd, we should stop several times to visit Persepolis, The first Persian capital empire and where Darius the great came to celebrate the Persian New Year, after we visit nearby Naghsh-e rostam, the sites holds the Achaemenian Necropolis plus some rock reliefs showing the event's happened in Sassanid times, after we visit Pasargadae in Morghab Plain, Pasargadae is a place that Cyrus the great entombed, again, we stop in Abarkooh to visit a 4.000 year old Cypress Tree, Arrives in Yazd in the evening, Overnight Yazd

Day 7 Day tour in Yazd: Explore the fascinations old quarters of Yazd, we visit Zoroastrian fire temple with it's eternal fire since 1430 year's ago, Visit Mir Chakhmaq Complex, Wind towers, Yazd water museum, Hazire mosque, after visit impressive friday mosque, mausoleum of rokn-od din alexander prison and tomb of the 12 Imam's, Overnight Yazd

Day 8 Drives to Isfahan: ay tour in Yazd: This morning we drives to Isfahan for 330 K.M, en-route we stop to visit Na'een, also Naiin, this is a charming desert town dotted with some historical monuments, we visit friday mosque dates back to the 10th century, after we stop again to visit some old caravanserai along the ancient Silk-road, arrives to Isfahan, Overnight Isfahan

Day 9 Day tour in beautiful Isfahan: Full day tour in Isfahan referred as Nesf-e Jahan ( Half of the world), we visit Chehel sotoun Palace, after visit Imam, or Naghsh-e Jahan Sq, this is a historical Square surrounded by 4 monuments dating back to 16 and 17th century, first we visit A'li qapu palace in the western side of the Square, after visit Jame Abassi or Imam Mosque on the southern side, we continue to visit impressive Sheikh lotfollah mosque on the eastern side and finally we visit Qeysariye Bazaar as Isfahan Old Bazaar area which is CLOSED ON FRIDAYS, afternoon we visit 2 beautufl and historic bridges erected over the Zayande river, the bridges are Si-o-se pol( the thirty three bridges) and the Khajoo bridges, Overnight Isfahan

Day 10 Isfahan guided tour: today we visit Magnificent Friday mosque, this mosque is an encyclopedia of history, the mosque dates back to the different times of the history, we visit famous Uljaitu Niche from the Ilkhanid period, ater we visit Armenian quarters to visit Wank Cathedral plus a museum, after visit Shaking minarets. Overnight Isfahan

Day 11 Drives back to Tehran: after breakfast, we drive to Tehran, en-route we stop at Natanz to visit a beautuf friday mosque plus monastery and tomb of the Shikh abdol samad, after we stop again in Kashan to visit Tappeh Sialk, the Sialk Ziggurat dating back to the 3000 B.C Fin Garden, a sample of Persian Historical Gardens, after visit Aghabozorg mosque and Boroujerdiha, a historical and famous Old houses in Kashan, Arrives in Tehran in the evening, check in, Overnight Tehran

Day 12 End of the Iran Ziggurat Tours: Today is the end of the tours, transfer to the IKA airport 3 hours before your departure flight, Salam and bon-voyage

Image of An itinerary for 12 days trip to Iran to visit Ziggurat, Susa, Persepolis, Yazd and more

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