Borgia family: Xativa and Gandia

Image of Borgia family: Xativa and Gandia

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 319USD/Person

Tour Description

Xativa and Gandia two cities very well known because of its history related with the Popes “Borgia”.

Xativa, located in the Valencian Community, was the village where Roderic de Borgia was born, the future Pope Alejandro VI.

We will have the chance to enjoy this village trough a walking tour that includes: the house of Alejandro VI, Colegiata Saint Mary and the Museum of Almodi.

The Colegiata of Saint Mary is placed where the old mosque was during the muslim period. The Colegiata mixed different architectural styles and it has an aspiration to cathedral because the Borgia family supported it.
Another important monument is the Museum of Almodi where trough different pieces we will discover the foundation of Xativa. This museum has a particular picture where Felip V appears reversed because he burnt the city of Xativa in the XVIII century.

After all this walking tour we will take a special train to get to the Castle which is located at the top of the mountain. The Castle is divided in two areas with amazing panoramic views.

Afterwards we will drive to Gandia to discover the Ducal Palace. It is one of the most important and emblematic examples of civil architecture of the Valencian architectural heritage. Today it is one of the most representative traces that the Borgia family left on these Valencian lands and where they established their official residence.

Image of Borgia family: Xativa and Gandia

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