Turpan _ Heavenly lake tour

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

Tour Description

Early in the morning start from Turpan , after 2 and half hour driving reach to Urmqi , just cross the city drive ahead to Heavenly lake .In the middle of Bogda Peak, 110 km (68miles) east of Urumqi, nestles Heavenly Lake. Covering 4.9 square kilometers (1.89 square miles), this crescent-shaped water area deserves its name, Pearl of Heavenly Mountain (Tianshan Mountain). With melted snow as its source, Heavenly Lake enjoys crystal water.

In summer, the beautiful place is an ideal cool resort. Boaters on it see the ever-changing silvery mountains soaring into the blue sky, their slopes highlighted with verdant pasture and flamboyant wild flowers. Fishing at dusk has its own special charm. A day in this fairyland promises restoration.

Heavenly Lake, a relic of the Quaternary Period Glacier and its surrounding geological relics, offers science lovers exploring opportunities

Image of Turpan _ Heavenly lake tour

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