Toledo one day tour from Madrid

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 364USD/Person

Tour Description

In this day trip from Madrid ( around 7 hours)we will see the ancient city and it's exciting palaces, museums, churches and of course El Greco.

Picturesqued sited on a hill above the river Tajo. Behind the old walls lies much evidence of the city's rich history. The romans built the fortress on the site of the present-day Alcazar. The Visigoth made of Toledo their capital in 6th centuryand left behind several churches.In the Middle Ages Toledo was the melting pot of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures and it was during this period that the city most outstanding monument-its cathedral-was built. In the 16th century the painter El Greco came to live in Toledo and today the city is home of many of his works

We will explore Zocodover square, named after the market which was held here, We can visit the massive Cathedral is one of the largest Cathedrals in Christendom, displaying an amazing flamboyant gothic altar between many other treasures, tenth century mosque, and one of the synagogues. Don't forget it was the city were three religions coexisted together

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It is not included: lunch or drinks, entrances fees , train tickets or souvenirs

It is possible to hire a driver and Volkswagen (6 persons)

The price is for the guide service for 7 hours not per person

Image of Toledo one day tour from Madrid

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