23-day Iran tour based on local experience

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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 1USD/Person

Tour Description

Day 1– Arrival in Tehran and transfer to hotel. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2– Tehran city tour. Overnight in Tehran.

In Tehran we will visit:

Golestan Palace Complex (WH): Main palace, Wind tower building, National Museum of Iran, Islamic Era Art Museum, National Jewels Museum, carpet museum and Milad Tower Complex.

Day 3– leave Tehran for Kashan. Kashan city tour. Stay overnight in Kashan.

In Kashan we will visit:

Abbasiyan and Tabatabaie Historical Houses, Soltan Amir Ahmad Historical Hammam (old bathroom), Kashan old Bazaar, Aqa Bozorg Mosque-Madrasa, Fin garden (WH).

Day 4 –. We will leave Kashan for Yazd and visit "Varzaneh"en-route. In this town you will have opportunity to meet locals, eat with them and visit the nice camel farm managed by a nice local family. There are some very unique anthropological attractions in this region which give you great information about old lifestyle in central desert in Iran. Travelers can enjoy desert activities like climbing and walking on sand dunes, Safari by 4wd cars and camel riding. We will stay overnight in Yazd.


In Varzaneh desert we will visit:

Camel-mill, Bull-well, Sand dunes and pigeon house.

Day 5 – Yazd city tour. Travelers can experience cooking some local food in an echo lodge in Taft city managed by a young Zoroastrian couple. Travelers will get loads of information about their religion, Zoroastrian and some Yazdi dishes, Zoroastrian lifestyle and their customs and dresses. We will end the night by gathering around fire, playing and singing folks and drinking herbal drinks.Stay overnight in Yazd.


In Yazd we will visit:

Old city of Yazd (WH), Great Mosque of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Square, Water Museum, Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Yazd Grand Bazaar.

Day 6 – Leave Yazd for Meymand village and visit two ruins around Yazd and one caravanserai en-route. We will visit semi-nomads who are settled around village in their wooden shelters and will be treated by brilliant dishes famous in central Iran inside their shelters, excellent experience to have deeper idea about nomad's lifestyle. Overnight in "Meymand village" in 8000 year old human made furnished caves!


Sites on the way to Meymand village:


Kharanaq ruins, Saryazd fortress and Zeinoddin Caravanserai.


Day 7 – After having breakfast with locals in their caves and visiting village and locals, we will leave toward Kerman to visit "Sand Castles (Kaluts)" and then drive back to Kerman. Sky observation by a professional astronomy team is available in Shahdad region and we can arrange it on your demand.  Overnight in Kerman.

Day 8 – We will visit "Kerman Grand Bazaar" in the morning and then will drive toward Shiraz. We will visit "Sarvestan Palace" en-route. Overnight in Shiraz.


Day 9 – Shiraz city tour. Travelers will be invited the house of a local family in Shiraz city and will have opportunity to cook some local dishes with them or see how they prepare ingredients and cook the food and decorate table. Overnight in Shiraz.

In Shiraz we will visit:

Nasir Al Molk Mosque (Pink mosque), Narenjestane Qavaam garden, Zinat Al Molk historical house, Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel, Eram Garden (WH), Shah Cheragh and Ali Ibne Hamzeh holy Shrines and Hafeziyyeh (Mausoleum of Hafez, most famous Iranian poet).


Day 10 – We will have a day tour around Shiraz to visit "Persepolis (WH)", "Passargad (WH)" and "Necropolis" historical sites. We will visit a nomadic echo lodge managed by a family from Basseri Nomads in Saadat Shahr and will try their local dishes and enjoy its traditional atmosphere.

Day 11 – We will arrange a full day to meet Qashqaei nomads in their tents and experience their lifestyle. Travelers can help them by chores like organizing animals and feeding them or milking at the end of day, cooking and having tea with them. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 12 – Leave Shiraz for Shushtar and visit "Bishapur ancient city" and some relieves in "Chogan Valley" historical site. Overnight in Shushtar.

Day 13– We will have visit to "Ancient Hydraulic system (WH)" in Shushtar and then drive out of city to visit "Tchoqazanbil prehistoric temple (WH)" and "Shusha ancient city". Overnight in Shushtar.


Day 14– We will visit a Bakhtiyari nomad family in their tent in the morning and then leave for Borujen. We will visit another semi-nomad Bakhtiyari family in their shelter around Lordegan en-route. Overnight in Borujen.


Day 15– After breakfast we will leave for Isfahan. After check in the hotel, we will have city tour. Overnight in Isfahan.



Day 16– Full day Isfahan city tour. Overnight in Isfahan.


In Isfahan we will visit:

Naqshe Jahan Square (WH): Imam Mosque,  Aali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Qeysariyyeh Bazaar, Chehel Sotoun Palace Garden (WH), Khajou and Sio Se Pol Historical Bridges, Great Mosque of Isfahan (WH), Vank and Bethlehem Churches, Garden of Abbasi hotel.


Day 17  – Half day city tour in Isfahan and then leave for Tehran. We will visit "Abyaneh village"en-routeand Holy Shrine in Qom. Overnight in Tehran.


Day 18– Leave Tehran for Tabriz, we will visit "Soltaniyyeh Dome (WH)" and Zanjan city and its grand Bazaar (if time allows) en-route. Overnight in Tabriz.  


Day 19– Tabriz city tour. Leave for Kandovan village in the afternoon. Overnight in Rocky hotel in Kandovan.


In Tabriz we will visit:


Tabriz Grand Bazaar (WH), Iron-age cemetery, Azerbaijan museum, Qajar museum and Elgoli Park. 


Day 20– Visiting Kandovan village and meeting locals. Drive toward Astara and visit "Sheikh Safi Mausoleum (WH)"in Ardabil and "Heyran winding road" on the way to Astara. Overnight in Astara. You will be treated and fed by a local family and will experience Iranian lifestyle in their family garden.


Day 21– We will have a day with a local family. You can cook some local food with them and they will show you how to make Persian sweets and biscuits. We can have a pick nick on the beach of Caspian Sea, setting fire and making some chicken Kebab. In the evening we will leave Astara for Fuman and will stay overnight in a hotel which is located in the middle of a tea farm.


Day 22– We will hike to reach and visit "Rud Khan Fortress" through a dense forest. Then we will visit "Massouleh village" and its nice traditional bazaar. After lunch and some rest we will drive back to Tehran. Overnight in Tehran.


Day 23– Tehran city tour. After farewell dinner, transfer to Imam Airport in the evening to catch your departure flight.

In the last day in capital we will visit:

Sa'd Abad Palace Garden Complex: Mellat and Green palaces, Farshchiyan painting museum, Tajrish traditional Bazaar.

Pricing of this tour will be based on the number of travelers and transport. Please contact me for more info.

Image of 23-day Iran tour based on local experience Image of 23-day Iran tour based on local experience Image of 23-day Iran tour based on local experience Image of 23-day Iran tour based on local experience

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