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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 800USD/Person

Tour Description

Daily Travel Program with Iranian tour guides


Day 1: Tehran with Tour Guide

When you arrive at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, our tour guide will welcome you and escort you to your hotel accommodation. You will spend some time in the hotel and have your breakfast.


Day 2: Tehran with Tour Guide

On the second day, our tour guide invite you to visit the Golestan Museum Palace, one of the historic sites of Tehran. The heritage building was built by blending traditional Iranian style with the Western and Russian modernization system by Qajar architects. This traditional complex has a beautiful appearance amidst the many modern buildings and skyscrapers in Tehran.

After visiting Golestan Palace with your private tour guide, we will take you to Tehran Bazaar which is near Golestan Palace. Timche Akbarian is on our way.

Tehran, Iran


Thimicha Akbarian dates back to the Qajar period and is about 260 years old. The building later became the first Bank of Iran and was run by Jews. Today it is not used as a bank. Iran's cultural heritage has transformed the building into a Dizi Serve and Tea House, a place for traditional Iranian food and tea.

Dizi is one of the most traditional Iranian foods that is eaten in a special way. This dish is cooked with mutton, peas, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, which should be served with traditional Iranian bread. When traveling to Iran, be sure to try this dish as well as the Qorme Sabzi. our tour guide invites you to have this meal.

Azadi square


In the afternoon, our tour guide plans to visit the National Museum of Iran, where you can see precious objects belonging to ancient Iran. The tour guide will accompany you throughout the visit and will explain to you each one.

On this trip, we want to introduce you to the Iranian Carpet Museum, which includes precious carpets that showcase handmade Iranian carpet art.


Day 3: Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan with tour guide

After visiting the Iranian capital with private tour guide, we will go to Kashan. The city is famous for its textiles and ceramic production. Another reason for its popularity is the Fin Garden, located in south of Kashan. The city's bazaar is another tourist attraction.

The Fin Garden is another UNESCO-registered Iranian World Heritage Site built in the middle of a garden through which a stream of water flows. Rose is a famous souvenir of this city that you can make.

After the Fin Garden, you can visit the traditional Boroujerdi house with your tour guide. It was built on the edge of Qajar in 1857. Its creator is the famous Iranian architect, Professor Ali Maryam. The owner of this house was a famous businessman of this town who interacted with the people of Boroujerd. This is why it was named like this.

Kashan, Iran


The city also has its own Bazaar that you should see. There is also a Hammam and a Mosque, which we will visit. One of the these Hammam has been changed to a tea house. In this set you can set aside time for shopping. 

Our tour guides, continue field trip to Isfahan. Isfahan was the capital of the Safavid dynasty in the 17th century and is one of the most tourist cities in Iran. Isfahan architecture is one of the major tourist attractions.

 The Safavid dynasty was one of the most important dynasties ruling Iran, often regarded as the beginning of modern Iranian history. The Safavid kings ruled one of Iran's largest empires after the conquest of seventh-century Iran. For this reason, half of the world is referred to as Isfahan, referring to the great Safavid dynasty.


Day 4: Isfahan with tour guide

 Imam Square is one of the most visited places in Isfahan. This place is known for its architecture and tiling. Islamic architecture is depicted here. Here is a place called Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, which is known as the Ladies Mosque. This was originally used as the shah's Haram. The tile decorations of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are covered in mosaic tiles inside. This mosque is one of the most beautiful monuments of Isfahan located on the eastern side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square in front of the Ali Qapu Palace.

 Qapu's High Palace also has a magnificent view. The Safavid kings sat on the balcony of the mansion watching the polo matches. The Qeisarieh Bazaar is another area of ​​interest here that Iranian tour guide considers. Here you can find pottery, jewelry, board games, and crafts.

Isfahan, Iran


Other ancient sites in the city of Isfahan, one can mention Chehel Sotun Palace that King Abbas Safavis used for entertainment. Built amidst the garden, the building has an attractive architecture. The mansion has twenty wooden columns, the image of which is found in the pool water. The Hall of Mirrors of this place is truly spectacular.

The Armenian quarter is another manifestation of the city's history, built with Islamic and European architecture. Several churches, including the Vank Cathedral, are also spectacular. Your tour guide will accompany you throughout the journey


Day 5: Isfahan, Naein, Yazd with tour guide

On day five of the trip, our tour guide invites you to watch Zayandeh River. In the 17th century, on this river were built extraordinary bridges that are still worth seeing. The Shahrestan bridge is Iran's oldest bridge. Of the other old bridges on the Zayandeh River, Sio-se-pol bridges and the Khaju Bridge can be mentioned. Below the bridge, there are gates through which water passes. The architecture of these bridges has its own attraction. Archways of this site can be used to create acoustic sound for singing. A group of people are always singing in this place. On this trip you can listen to these songs.

We leave Isfahan to Nain to visit the mosque of that city, which belongs to the 8th century.

Naein, Iran


Then with our tour guide continues our journey to the small town of Maybod. We are sure that the architecture of this city will attract you. Caravanserai of the city can be mentioned as attractive places in this city. Built in the Safavid style, these caravans have ancient verandas, shaded passages and many rooms. Craft workshops are also included in the collection. On this trip, you'll see local icehouse used by ancient people to keep their food fresh.

After the city of Isfahan, you will move to Yazd with your tour guide.


Day 6: Yazd with tour guide

Yazd is one of the old city of Iran Which is of interest to Iranian tour guide. Yazd windmills have a worldwide reputation. Yazd windmills have a worldwide reputation. They were used to keep houses and rooms cool. Yazd is a desert city with dry climate. Yazd is the Zoroastrian city of Iran.

The Tower of Silence is a remnant tower from Iran's non-Islamic era. At that time, the people of this city were dragging their dead to the tower to be broken down by birds. The Zoroastrians believed that the dead human body should not be mixed with soil or sea.

Yazd, iran


In Zoroastrian Fire Temple, you’ll see a flame that is said to have been burning for the past 1,500 years. This place was a manifestation of the original religion in the ancient companions.

next our private tour guide wants to visit Amir Chakhmaq Square, Important Iranian religious ceremonies are held there. The intersecting alleys are the attractions of this place.

The tallest minarets in the country are in the Friday Mosque, built in year 1324. Yazd's old houses and urban texture are worth a visit. Dolatabad Garden is the place that our tour guide will take you to there. The tall trees and the running water are extremely relaxing. The building dates back to the nineteenth century.


Day 7 : Yazd, Shiraz with tour guide

On the seventh day of our tour guide, we intend to accompany you to Shiraz city of Persian poetry and literature.

In this city, our first private tour guides invite you to visit Pasargard. This place is world renowned with the UNESCO World Record. It dates back to the Achaemenid period. We are sure that this tour will also be of interest to you.

Shiraz, iran


We continue our journey to Naqsh-e-Rustam, which is the burial place of Darius and his followers. Stone carvings will catch the eye of every tourist.

With our tour guide, go to Persepolis, the capital of Darius, the Achaemenid king who has remained in antiquity. Examples of Persepolis may be in Egypt, but nowhere else. Darius also founded Apadana and Takana. After him, 6 columns by Xerxes, then was added. It was demolished by Alexander the Great in 330BC.


Day 8: come back to Tehran with tour guide

On the eighth day, our tour guides show you the Nasir al-Molk Mosque after breakfast, known as the Pink Mosque. The building was built near the Vakil Bazaar. The wonderful color combination of this building is impressive. The glow of light in the colors used in the building has a visual effect.

You will then go on with your own private tour guide to beautiful orange-scented Narenjestan Garden dating back to the 5th century.

Other attractions of Shiraz are the Karim Khan Citadel which we go there with our tour guide. At the Vakil Bazaar you can buy.

garden-tomb of Sa'di and garden-tomb of Hafez are the most visited places of Shiraz that Iranian tour guide use.

Shiraz, iran


Hafiz is a great poet of the eighth century and Saadi a poet of the seventh century whose beautiful works are still read by the Iranian people. Hafez's sonnets and Sa'adi's Bustan and Golestan books are a favorite of the Iranian people. You will visit these places with our tour guide.

On the evening of the 8h, you returned to the capital.


Day 9: leave Tehran with tour guide

With our tour guide, you would go to the airport and return to your destination.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

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