One Day Amazing Tour In Suzhou

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One Day Amazing Tour

-Humble Administrator's Garden
-Cruise in old canal
-Silk Factory
-Panmen Scenic Area--_

-Humble Administrator's Garden is one of the four most famous gardens in China. This once private garden is now a must-see delicacy of Suzhou.Where large lotus flowers bloom in summer,the zigzag corridor will lead you to many fine pavilions.Everywhere in the garden are all like a nice painting.

-Cruise in old canal -Marco Polo once described Suzhou as "noble,large,and handsome"He marveled at the city's bridgework and architecture.Crisscrossed by many canals,the city came to be known as the "Venice of the east". Cruise in old canal,we still can see the people's daily life.,and learn the 2500 years old history.

-Silk Factory-There was a secret. A secret that is brighter than any jewel,softer than the baby's skin,gentler than the lover's kiss. It was a luxury that worth the Byzantine emperor have someone come to steal. This secret is "Suzhou Silk" I was born in countryside, my mother raised silkworms for more than 30 years. She sold the cocoons to the Silk Factory. In the factory,we can see how to raise the silkworms? How to reel the silk thread?  And how to make the silk quilts? You also can buy some souvenir there.

-Panmen Scenic Area- There are three sights in this area. One is 1000 years old pagoda, the second one is 700 years old water and land gates,the third one is 300 years old bridge. There were 8 main gates in the old city according to history,but some have perished in previous war. Panmen Gate is the only gate that has been carefully preserved.

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Image of One Day Amazing Tour In Suzhou Image of One Day Amazing Tour In Suzhou

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