14 days around Iran Tehran to Tehran

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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 1500USD/Person

Tour Description

14 days Tehran to Tehran

Day 1

Arrival at Tehran, meet your private tour guide, transfer to Hotel, Overnight Tehran.

Depending on your arrival time and your preference, have choices of Northern Tehran sightseeing.

Enjoy diner by the Darband streams where you can see young Tehran citizens walk up and down the stream.


Day2: Old Tehran Walking Tour

Let’s walk together in Tehran most chaotic area! The central part of Tehran. We will go to visit a palace which have seen three dynasties and more than 7 kings lived there and 4 kings had crowning ceremonies in it, Golestan Palace.  After enjoying a cup of coffee in Golestan palace garden we can go to the enormous bazaar of Tehran and ramble through it, when we get enough of it, let’s enjoy a traditional Persian food or a Kebab.

After lunch we will go to National museum of Tehran and get the chance to know these thousands- year- old priceless pieces.

If it is days between Saturday and Tuesday we can substitute National Jewelry museum with any of the main attractions.


Day 3: Kashan


On the way to Kashan, we may stop in Qom to see the mullah’s city and give a visit to Masuma shrine, th second holy shrine in Iran.For visiting this shrine ladies are supposed to wear traditional way of hijab which will be provided by shrine officials.

Giving a visit to Fin Garden in Kashan then move to the center of the city and enjoy lunch in one of Kashan’s historical houses.

After lunch doing some sightseeing: Broujerdi & Tabatabii Houses the residence of merchants who brought the Persian carpet into fame more than a century ago.

Accommodation : Historical house


Day 4: Deset and ities in the middle of Desert

If you are not claustrophobic we will walk in the corridors of underground shelter in Nushabad, Near  Kashan and after that we will head to Abu Zeid Abad  to enjoy desert and Dunes.

After visiting a two floor Qanat in Ardestan we will head to Nain.

Going to Nain a city in the middle of desert where we can  give a visit to one of the oldest touristic mosque in Iran and having a scenery of a ruined castle by the side of it. If it’s not a public holiday we can visit caved handmade textile workshops in Mohammadieh.

Overnight Ardakan or Aqda

Day 5 :

In the morning Drive to Chak Chak a Zaroastrian fire temple in the mountains.

Then on the way to Yazd visit Maybod and its attractions Dovecots were old form of land fertilizer factory which are extinct now. Though you can see one of the renovated ones in Meybod and if we are lucky and the pottery workshop is open we will make vase of our own!

After Checking in to the hotel and a short rest going to Mirhakhmagh and a two floor water reservoir where Iranian traditional body building takes place in it.


Day 6 :

Yazd is the city of Zoroastrian’s: visiting Ostudans(grave), Temple, and if you like a new museum about their lifestyle.

We will walk through narrow turning allies and visit the magnificent entrance of Jame mosque with its tall minarets and amazing ceramic work.

Dowlat Abad Garden is a Persian garden which was built centuries ago.

In the evening we will enjoy tea in one of roof café in old part of town to enjoy sunset.

Early night to be ready for the next day long drive.


Day 7 :Pasargad

To day we have one of the longest drive on our way to Pasargad.

On the way we will stop in Abarkuh by the 4000 years old cypress tree and enjoy a good cofee  there. Then drive the rest of the way to Pasargad, near Pasargad there is a restaurant which serves Pasargad’s local food which is specializedto that area and cooked by local housewives.

After this enjoyable lunch,  Let’s go to a place where Persians are the most proud of, Cyrus the great tomb!

Over night Aghamir eolodge in Sa’adatshahr.


Day 8: Persepolis, necropolis

( probably you have read all about this main site ) so I keep calm and let you enjoy it with a dedicated guide of Persepolis!

In the evening meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting his poems.

Overnight Shiraz

 Day 9:

Early in the morning visit the marvelous glass and light work in Nasirolmolk mosque.

Explore the beauties of Zand architecture: Vakil mosque, Vakil Hammam  and

AttractiveMoshir Serai In  bazaar with tantalizing handy crafts and artwork.


Day 10 drive to Isfahan


You’ll enjoy the 33Bridge and Khajoo Bridge after checking in to your hotel in Isfahan.


Day 11 :Isfahan

Marvel at the amazing royal square (Meydan-e- Naghshe Jahan).

Imam mosque perplexing features besides the impressive tile work at Sheikh Lotfollah mosque will give you the impression of how perfect were Persian tiles art, then it’s the time for plaster art in music room at Aliqapoo palace to amaze you after enjoying lunch we can enjoy the beauty of  Chehel sotune (40 columns).

Accommodation: 3* hotel


Day 12: Isfahan

Going to the Armenian neighborhood, visiting  Vank church which has the characteristic of Zoroastrian Muslim and Christianity all to together after that we and enjoy live traditional Persian music at music.

If you were in the mood of short hike we may go to Ruins of Zoroastrians fire temple to have a panoramic view of Isfahan.

Did you know there were shaking minaret in Isfahan which literally shakes with 5 Richter if you shake the other brick minaret with pushing and pulling by hands?!

Accommodation: 3* hotel

Day 13: Abyane

Visit this exotic village which was so remote that they could keep Their language safe after Muslim Invasion and still talk in old Persian language named Pahlavi.

On the way Natanz

Overnight Abyaneh

Day 14:

Depending on your departure time Drive To IKIA

Drive 4 hours to Air port.

Image of 14 days around Iran Tehran to Tehran

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12day photographic tour - beautiful Iran

Ballentine, posted 5 years ago
One of the best tours I have done. Sufi was a great host and wonderful guide and I felt both welcome and safe whoever we went. Highly recommend Sufi. Lovely friendly person who will not disappoint!

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12day photographic tour - beautiful Iran

Ballentine, posted 5 years ago
One of the best tours I have done. Sufi was a great host and wonderful guide and I felt both welcome and safe whoever we went. Highly recommend Sufi. Lovely friendly person who will not disappoint!