Trekking and cycle 4 days in Shangri-la

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Duration : 3 to 5 days
Starting Price : 370USD/Person

Tour Description

Trekking and cycle four days in Shangri-la
Day 1:
    Hiking from Shangri-la old town to Dabao temple
In the morning start hiking from Shangri-la old town to Dabao temple. It will take about 4 or 5 hours for the 15km hike. On the way pass through pine tree forest and Tibetan villages. Normally this day we will bring picnic lunch although you will have the opportunity to visit a Tibetan family to try Tibetan foods (such as yak butter tea, yak cheese,the main Tibetan food Tsam-pa) and get to learn about basic Tibetan life . After lunch, we will visit Dabao temple, which is the oldest temple in Shangri-la. There is a high land natural hot spring about 5 km from Dabao temple. It is good after hiking to enjoy a soak in the hot spring to sooth tired muscles. After the hot spring, we will return to the city.
Day 2:
         Trekking Shikha snow mountain in Shangri-la
  This day we will also bring along a picnic lunch for the hike at Shikha snow mountain which will take about 6 hours to climb from 3380 meters to 4490 meters to the top of the snow mountain. If the weather is nice, we will be able to see the whole Shangri-la city and the other surrounding holy snow mountains from the top of the Shika snow mountain. The Shikha snow mountain is only seven kilometers away from Shangri-la city and is one of most beautiful snow mountain in Shangri-la county.
   The hike is scenic and along the way we will be surrounded by snow peaks and hike through forests, fields of flowers, valleys, meadows and lakes. There is now a cable car which can take visitors to the highest point of the main peak of the Shika snow mountain. As such, if a long trek is not preferred, we can take the cable car up midway and hike up the peak or take the cable car all the way up and hike down. We will return to the Shangri-la city in the evening.
Day 3 : Cycle to visit Sumtzaling and Napa lake
  In the morning we will cycle to visit Sumtzaling, the biggest monastery in Shangri-la which is about 5 km from city. We will tour around the monastery and cycle back to city for lunch.  After lunch we will cycle to the Napa Lake which  is a seasonal lake. During the dry season, the water recedes and grassland appears. The lake becomes a meadow in the beginning of summer. In autumn, the prairie changes into a golden color and flocks of yaks, horses and sheep from the surrounding local Tibetan villages graze there. We will cycle around Napa lake (total circumference is 32km) and get to see many migratory birds, animal herd grazing and Tibetan villages.
Day 4 :Cycle to Podacuo National park  
Cycle 22km from Shangri-la to Podacuo National Park. We will leave our bicycles when we get to the park entrance as private transportation is not allowed in the national park.  We will take the environmentally friendly “green” bus from the park gate to Shidu Lake then walk along the lake for about 1 hour. We will take the bus to the Bita Lake for another walk. There are lots of photo opportunities during these walks. We will cycle back to the Shangri-la city after the visit to the park.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Trekking and cycle 4 days in Shangri-la

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