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Zhujiajiao is a 47 square kilometers folded fan-shaped town, which is inlaid in the landscape of lakes and mountains. Some people compared her to Venice in Shanghai and others to a pearl on the lakeside of Dianshan. Now this bright pearl shines more brilliantly with the support of "Golden Jade Belt" - National Highway 318. As it is a thousand-year-old town, it was named one of the first four famous cultural towns by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1991.

Zhujiajiao is famous because of its important geographical position. Zhujiajiao is situated at a transportation hub in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces. Its geographical position is very superior. It is located in Hongqiao International Airport in the east, Kunshan in the north, Jiaxing in the south, Pingwang in the west, and the lower reaches of Dianshan Lake and Caogang River in the golden waterway. There are nine long streets stretching along the river, thousands of Ming and Qing buildings standing on the water, 36 stone bridges still exist and there are many places of interest and historic sites. After getting tired of all the artificial landscapes at the same price, people are surprised that there is a natural landscape in the suburbs of Shanghai, which is so well preserved with original flavor and real mountains and rivers. Here we can find a kind of enjoyment of returning to nature and advocating wild interest. Sanmao, a famous late Taiwanese writer, was fascinated by the pattern of "small bridges, running water and families", and was fascinated by the purity, quietness, picturesque everywhere and the poetry from time to time. After visiting the ancient town of Zhujiajiao, Wu Bangguo, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy of the State Council, could not help but write down the words "Zhujiajiao, a famous historical town in the whole country".

At the same time, because of the natural scenery of "Xiaoqiao Running Water Natural Scenery, Original Ming and Qing Streets", many film and television directors can not help but be in the eye of many people, and flock to the ancient town of Shuixiang, the graceful style, one after another moved to the screen, television, sometimes several films and television at the same time, Zhu Jiajiajiajiao has become a hot spot of film and television competition at home and abroad, and has been praised as one of them. "Hollywood on the outskirts of Shanghai".

Zhujiajiao has not only a pleasant scenery, but also a long history. In 1958, in order to find iron, the townsmen had miraculously dried up Zhenbei Dadian Lake. At the bottom of the lake, people unexpectedly found a large number of Neolithic relics, which proved to be the cultural relics of Majiabang, Songze, Liangzhu and the Western Zhou to the Spring and Autumn Warring States Periods. In 1959, a large number of stone knives, stone ploughs, stone spinning wheels and printed pottery tablets were recovered in Dianshan Lake. These relics from the Neolithic to the Warring States Period prove that the ancestors of Zhujiajiajiao lived and worked here thousands of years ago.

The charming natural scenery of Zhujiajiao, a famous town, lies in a mountain and a lake. Zhujiajiao is a more charming and ancient town-specific cultural landscape. It is a bridge, a street, a temple, a temple, a hall, a hall, two gardens, three bays and twenty-six lanes.

Three Bays, namely, Sanyang Bay, Jiaozi Bay and Mituo Bay. Pedestrian streets, around the house, think that at the end of the road, right corner corner, a street market in front of us, people have a strange feeling of holes in the sky, this kind of strange turning in the old street landscape, is rare in other ancient towns, not Zhujiajiajiajiao can see.

Twenty-six lanes, in fact, are more than 26 ancient lanes in Zhujiajiao. Each street has lanes, lanes, lanes and lanes, forming a network chessboard pattern. The ancient lanes and lanes in Zhujiajiajiao are so famous that they can not be compared with other ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. Traveling through the alleys, such as falling into a phantom, is interesting and interesting. Exploring the ancient and the secluded, and appreciating the taste of the northern Hutong style, it also has the same subtlety. In recent years, "Gulang Tourism" has become more and more popular with foreigners and foreigners, and it is a valuable virgin land to be further developed.

In addition to the scenery, Zhujiajiao also has a well-known "three more", that is, many celebrities, many buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, River ports, cable stones, teahouses.

First of all, there are many celebrities, mainly in Zhujiajiao's quiet environment and pleasant climate. It is a treasure land of Feng Shui for reading and learning. There are a lot of Confucian scholars and talented people. There are 16 scholars in Ming and Qing dynasties, including more than 40 people. Among them, Wang Chang, the scholar of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Lianqi, the novelist Lu Tuxi, the newspaper magnate Xizipei and the painter of monk's words and stones are well known.

Secondly, there are many buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Historically, many wealthy families and literati have built gardens and houses here. There are four or five hundred ancient houses in the town. Fire walls, stone storehouses and wall doors can be seen everywhere. "Sansi Fishing Village", "Wang Chang's Former Residence", "Fulu Suiyi". There are dozens of other places, such as Xishi Hall, Lushi Family, Chen Lianqi's former residence, Zhongjia Hall. There are countless buildings along the streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties, cornices, Daiwa Fen Wall and Ming and Qing Dynasties style, which constitute a painting scroll of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Thirdly, there are many river ports, cable stones and teahouses. Zhujiajiao is the hometown of water. There are many bridges and river ports, and there are numerous cable boat stones close to each other. The water bridges with different shapes, the various cable boat stones and the rivers and alleys of the whole town are full of the unique landscape of Jiangnan Water Town. They are interesting and interesting to observe carefully. They are simply history, cultural relics, architecture, customs and art. Composition of the complex. There are "two-sided beaches" with projected rocky revetments, and "one-sided beaches" with concave rocky revetments.“

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