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Sheshan, located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, is divided into East Sheshan and West Sheshan. It is the second highest peak in Shanghai and the back garden of Great Shanghai. As a famous suburban scenic spot in Shanghai, Sheshan Mountain is now built with Sheshan National Forest Park, Notre Dame Cathedral, Xiudao Tower, Sheshan Earthquake Datum Station, Yuehu and Sheshan Observatory.


Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park is located in Songjiang District, the western suburb of Shanghai, China. It is 30 kilometers away from the city center. It is the only natural mountain forest resort in Shanghai. It covers 401 hectares and is the highest peak in Shanghai. The twelve peaks in the park are like twelve emeralds of varying sizes, moving from southwest to northeast, winding for 13 kilometers, making the Shanghai Plain in Ma Ping Chuan present a beautiful landscape of mountains and forests. In the 1960s, it was once established as a botanical garden, which was suspended because of the Cultural Revolution. In 1993, it was approved as a national forest park by the Ministry of Forestry of China. Sheshan District was approved by the State Council as a national tourist resort in 1995. Sheshan has always been famous for its rich historical culture and long-standing religious sites. Landscape Buddha Fragrant Spring, Heart-washing Spring, Sanleng Spring and Cliff Stone Carvings, Meigong Diaoyuji intersect with each other; Riding Longyan, Chung Platform, Muyushi Stone and Penetrator Tower, Tianma Leaning Tower are interesting. The first cathedral in the Far East on the hill is integrated with the first-class astronomical platform in China, and the forest bird garden under the hill, the aerial cable car and the dry land sledges are gathered in one place. Overlooking, Jiufeng Sansi, exquisite mountains, scenic spots connected, such as into the picture scroll; walking among the woods, peach, willow, green, beautiful everywhere, beautiful scenery, better than the clouds.


Over the years, a large number of scenic spots and high-grade forest tourism service facilities have been built, such as Sheshan National Forest Park East and West Hills, Xiaokunshan Garden, Sheshan Cableway, Dryland Snowplough, Forest Bird Garden, Forest Hotel, Forest Hotel and so on. It has become a comprehensive enterprise which integrates forest tourism and landscape greening.


Over the years, Sheshan Resort has always grasped the development idea and function orientation of "returning to nature and leisure vacation", and actively implemented the construction purpose of supporting services for Shanghai urban tourism. More than 1 billion yuan has been invested, focusing on strengthening the construction of road network, power supply, water supply, sewage treatment, gas and other infrastructure in the region, successively building and expanding Shenzhuan, Fangsong, Shebei Highway and other skeleton roads, building 10,000 international and domestic programmed telephone office buildings, 70,000 tons of self-service water plants, 6,000 tons of sewage treatment plants and other important infrastructure; at the same time, focusing on optimization. The ecological environment has created 800,000 square meters of pleasant scenery, and a number of tourist sightseeing, entertainment and leisure places, such as East and West National Forest Park, Sheshan Forest Hotel and Tianma Golf Club, have been built one after another. The rapid development of Sheshan Resort has established Sheshan as the largest tourism and holiday base in Shanghai. At present, the area has formed a prototype of comprehensive tourism resort which integrates many functions, such as recreation, sightseeing, conference affairs, leisure, vacation and residence, and attracts a large number of tourists. In recent years, the average annual passenger flow has reached more than 1.8 million.

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Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden Image of Sheshan National Garden

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