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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

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Oriental Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower is located in the Huangpu river of Shanghai and the tip of the mouth of Pudong Lujiazui. With its absolute height of 468 meters, it is the third highest tower in Asia. The Oriental Pearl Tower is located in the modern buildings of Lujiazui district. It shows the spectacular scenery of the international metropolis with the the Bund world architectural Expo. The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the services of sightseeing, catering, shopping, entertainment, Pujiang tour, conference and exhibition, historical display, travel agency and so on. It has become one of the landmark buildings and tourist hotspots in Shanghai.

The eleven Oriental Pearl towers are glittering and dazzling with different sizes. From the blue sky to the grassy grassland, a dream picture of "big beads and small jade plates" is painted. The Oriental Pearl Tower, with its high-speed elevator travelling between three pillars of 9 meters in height, and the world's first 360 degree transparent three track elevator, which is suspended by Yu Lizhu, gives every visitor a full appreciation of the infinite scenery brought by modern technology.

Yu Garden is a famous classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River. Yu Garden was built in the Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty. It was built by Pan Yunduan, a cloth governor in Sichuan in the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of more than 400 years. When the Shanghai knives Association uprising was held in 1853, the Yu Garden spring hall was used as the North command of the rebel army. It displayed the weapons of the year's knives, coins that had been made by itself, and the cultural relics issued. After the liberation, the government carried out a large-scale renovation of Yu Garden, and officially opened to the public in 1961.

Jingguan Hall, also known as "Qingxue Hall", is the main hall of the Inner Garden. It has carved pillars and painted beams, and it is magnificent and spacious. The hall is 5 rooms wide and 3 rooms deep. There are two stone lions in front of the hall. There are two gold plaques in the hall, namely "Jingguan" and "Lingmaoshi". In the name of quiet observation, it takes the old saying "Everything is comfortable in quiet observation" and the meaning of "dynamic observation, flowing water and quiet observation of mountains". On the opposite side of the hall, there are many odd peaks, stacked and varied, such as Sanguan's longevity, White Deer's looking at the moon, Bat's flying, or Nine Lions'dribbling. It is said that by watching it quietly, more than 100 animal images can be distinguished. There are many hundred-year-old trees between Shifeng. Looking at a small courtyard in the east, there is a pool of water, winding corridors on both sides, shaded by trees, natural and elegant bamboo, deep environment.

During the development of Nanjing Road for more than 100 years, various styles of buildings have been created. The height of buildings is scattered and the interface of buildings is uneven. Because of the widening of roads, there is still a section of arcade buildings left behind. The pavement layout of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street breaks the traditional cross section form, adopts a board layout, cancels up and down the street edge, changes the original narrow walking space, and adjusts the vertical section according to the indoor elevation, so as to ensure that the indoor floor is higher than the outdoor floor. In case of emergency, it can also be used as a rescue passage, while giving consideration to the establishment of blind roads and barrier-free facilities.

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Image of Shanghai Exploring Trip Image of Shanghai Exploring Trip

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