Duo Yi Waterfall

Image of Duo Yi Waterfall

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Duration : 2 days
Starting Price : 250USD/Person

Tour Description

By the river is a beautiful river. The two sides more than a dozen acres of fast-growing forest is endless, infinite boundless, the few tree Panzhihua scattered meantime, complementary phase contrast, red, green and affordable. By the river like a ship plowed a white silver with Huantiao East to go, how many angry adding to the quiet green ocean. Upper reaches of the river, dozens of eye springs out cloth riparian often springs on the tree, the tree is water clarity and transparent, back Qing reflection, from above, like a white beads inlaid dolphin gigantic jade, very enviable. Industrious and simple living by the two sides by the river the Buyi and, at the river rapids, one can see the old disc waterwheel the squeak hoarse squeak hoarse turning, as if put people into a distant era. By the river to the beautiful exotic natural scenery, alcohol Pak rich ethnic customs attract thousands of tourists, calling for the return of people to nature.

Image of Duo Yi Waterfall Image of Duo Yi Waterfall Image of Duo Yi Waterfall

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