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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 10USD/Person

Tour Description

So, suppose you have two short winter (November-March)  days in Plovdiv, or at least one long, like never ending  day  of summer generosity, as they are here on the Thracian valley, where Plovdiv lays, from the beginning of June to the middle of September- Go and see two very important things for Bulgaria – a Thracian tomb and a wine tasting facility, which means production and restaurant and hotel complex- all these in the village of Starosel  - some 45 km. to the north west of Plovdiv. And “north” here means, that traveling only a short distance you find yourself from the hot valley right at the foot of the biggest mountain on the Balkan peninsula – the Balkan mountain. The two Thracian tombs at Starosel, discovered in 2008 belong to the family of other about 1000, dispersed through the present territory of Bulgaria, and mainly in the region a little bit to the east of Plovdiv- on the so called “Valley of Thracian kings”. Only about 300 of these domed structures  have been so long researched, the Starosel Tomb being the only example built using columns. Being tombs and ritual places for the ancient people (most numerous after the Indians, according to Herodotus) these structures were for the Thracian some sort of “doors” for the dead to step through, with body and soul,  entering  another dimension. For us, they offer a door to look into their surprising and amazing understanding of Cosmos. One of the “surprising” things is that the wine that was widely known and produced by the Thracians was at first place an object of their ritual performings. And only as a “secondary use” they drank it themselves and sold it to the besieged  brave Trojans . You could taste some sorts of local and common wines here in Starosel.

Image of Plovdiv-Starosel

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