Discover Minahasa Highland

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

Tour Description

drive up to Tinoor highland (500m above sea level) breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful panorama of plantations (Clove & Cinnamon), Manado bay with Bunaken, Siladen and Manado tua island as the background. Continue the drive to Tomohon, a small flower town located between 2 actives volcanoes (Lokon 1.580m & Mahawu 1.311m) then visit the nice of 9 stories Chinese pagoda and then the traditional market to see specific Minahasan meat (Dog, Rat & Bat), Spices, Fruits, Vegetables & etc. Lunch at Tondano lake, the biggest lake in North Sulawesi famous with its gold fish farm. continue the drive to Pulutan village to see how people making the pottery in traditional way, and then also see how they roasted the Peanut with sand in Kinali village. Afterwards tour to Kiawa village to see the Japanese caves were built during the 2nd WW . drive to Lahendong village to see the unique crater lake Linow.visiting Woloan village to see how people making the wooden houses of Minahasan style.

price including ;

transportation (privatye car), tour guide (me), lunch, entrance fee every places, mineral water and local snacks for the tour.

Image of Discover Minahasa Highland

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