Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 110USD/Person

Tour Description

Private drive and guide.  Day tour of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with Glacier Park(or Yak Meadow), Blue Moon Valley, also the Baisha Village to experience the Local Naxi culture and handicrafts, Shuhe Ancient Town to encounter the real 'Lijiang Time'.

  Pick up from hotel on 8:00, warm clothes and passports are necessary. Glacier Park Gondola ride from 3356 meters to 4506 meters, last 20 minutes. Up to the Glacier Park with viewing platform for taking photos of surrounding lower ranges, snow peaks and also a walking path along the glacier up to 4680 meters. 1 hour required for walking up and down.

  Yak Meadow Ropeway from 3200 meters to 3600 meters, 20 minutes ride. Getting closer to the nature, with snow mountain ranges by your side, a chance to meet yaks on the green meadow, step into an old tibetan buddhist temple on the top. 1 hour circle trail around the meadow, slow wandering along, with fresh air, green trees, grass flowers, white cloud, yaks. You won't ask no more but enjoying yourselves in the nature.

  Blue Moon Valley with the bluest Water in Lijiang. Snow mountain water run down the mountain through the limestones, carries copper sulphate and calcium carbonate from it, results into natural bule color. Reflection of the snow mountain peaks in the water, with brige, yaks, waterfalls into a picture, could be the best photos of Lijiang. 

  Baisha Village as the ancient capital of Lijiang, hometown of chieftain Mu, important stop on the southern silk road, by the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, where the original Naxi lives are. Naxi families harmoniously together, with traditional Naxi costumes. Hospitable Naxi women on the main square street selling vegetables from their own garden. Embroidery Institues along the main street as the handicrafts inherit centre of Lijiang. Batik and tie dye families by the street sides. 

  Shuhe Ancient Town with more than 900 years history. commercial centre of tea horse road caravans, so famous of leather, silver and PUER TEA in the village. 400 years old Qinglong Brige, crystal clear water running canals, historical square street, Music Listening Square, old wooden structures are all could be met in there. 

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Image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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