Train tickets from Kunming to Lijiang, And Much More

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 20USD/Person

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"Wonders Of Yunnan" provides you now, train tickets service, Simple, easy and fast!

What trains in China are like

Traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways to travel some of the long distances in China and is increasingly popular among foreign travelers. It is important to have a basic idea of what trains in China are like if you decide to travel by train in China. English is generally not spoken by any of the staff on the trains or in the railway stations. Limited English sign is available in the railway stations.

In China, there is no E-tickets for train yet. For trains in Yunnan, the tickets are open for sale 10-14 days before departure. The number of days of pre-sale tickets may be adjusted temporarily during the rush Chinese holidays or festivals, such as Chinese New Year, National Holiday and summer vacation. To avoid disappointment, it is suggested that you book tickets through an agency as early as possible.

Our train tickets service

We provides cost-effective and timely train ticketing services! You just need to book the train tickets on our website, we will bring the train tickets and meet you up in the Kunming airport (or your hotel in Kunming).

Train Classes
There are three kinds of train tickets available in Yunnan, hard seats, hard sleepers and soft sleepers, "Wonders Of Yunnan" recommends booking a soft sleeper or a hard sleeper. The hard seat tickets are in compartments that are so crowded that even a short trip may be very uncomfortable. The compartments may be packed with people standing or sitting in the aisles. Also, foreigners may find it difficult to get a hard seat or a no-seat ticket since the ticket sellers may not issue these to foreigners. The best choices are soft sleepers or hard sleepers.

Luxury Class / Soft Sleepers
These are private compartments which are fitted out to a higher standard. Each compartment has four bunks and a double action door allowing separate access to the two upper and two lower bunks. Comfortable bedding and good quality pillows are provided. Each bunk is equipped with a small reading lamp. Temperature controls are installed alongside the door. Generally speaking, the facilities include a clothes rack, slippers, clothes brush, stainless steel thermos, fine porcelain teacup, a trash can and wall socket. Some of the trains may have a squat-style toilet together with a supply of toilet paper. The price is a little higher than the other kinds of seats.

Standard Class / Hard Sleepers
The so-called hard sleeper is generally less comfortable than the soft sleeper. The compartments are open and comprise six fixed bunks, arranged as an upper, middle and lower on either side. Basic bedding such as sheets, pillow slips, blankets and pillows are provided. The space tends to be cramped and inclined to be noisy at times. However, if you are obliged to take an overnight train trip, the hard berth is highly cost effective. For those who hold a sleeper ticket, the ticket should be handed in when getting on the train. The train conductor will keep the ticket for you and give you a card as a certificate instead. After you reach your destination, you need to change your ticket back. If there is still no passenger in a sleeper an hour after the train has started, the train conductor has the right to sell the berth to other passengers.

Budget Class / Hard Seats
This is the basic way to take a train trip, and has the lowest price. As the name implies it can be something of an ordeal, especially for a long or an overnight journey. The seat is less soft, roomy and comfortable than a soft seat. The carriages are always noisy and crowded with people, especially during peak times or the high travel season on the most popular railway routes. Usually, people holding standing-room-only tickets are arranged to stand along the aisles of hard-seat carriages. The toilets are usually unclean and cramped (only 1.2 square yards) and no toilet paper is supplied.

Price includes the train tickets cost and the service cost, our English-speaking agent will meet you up in Kunming airport upon your arrival and hand you the tickets (meeting up in the hotel in Kunming is also possible);

Image of Train tickets from Kunming to Lijiang, And Much More Image of Train tickets from Kunming to Lijiang, And Much More Image of Train tickets from Kunming to Lijiang, And Much More

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