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Tour Description

This Iran tours Package has been designed to incorporate most of Iran’s historic heritages in the 15 days the tour will last. the routes have been chosen to avoid long distance bus trips. The tour starts and ends at the capital. Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Shush, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and back to the Tehran is the major cities visited, also smaller cities will be shortly visited. In this 15 days Iran Tours you will see a span of modern urban life to rural traditional life styles.

Day 01: Arrival in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Meet with Guide. Transfer to hotel for rest.
• The short city tour will be added if time allows.
O/N Tehran
Day 02: Tehran visit to Golestan palace compound, National Museum, Treasury of national jewels or the Carpet Museum. At the end of the excursion, transfer to hotel.
O/N Tehran
Day 03: Drive to Hamadan (ancient city of Ecbatana). Midway we stop at Saveh to visit Saveh Friday Mosque. Then, proceed toward Hamadan to visit Ganjnameh Inscriptions, Tombs of Esther & Mordechai and walking tour of Hamadan city center
O/ N Hamadan
Day 04: Hamadan visits continue with Ancient City of Ecbatana and Alavian Dome. Drive to Kermanshah. On the way at Kangavar,  visit Ancient temple of Anahita and before Kermanshah,  visit:
• Kurd nomads (if in proper season)
• Taq-e-Bostan Sassanid relieves
• Bisotun relieves, inscriptions, caravansary, etc
Transfer to hotel.
O/N Kermanshah
Day 05: In Kermanshah, Visit:
• Moaven-ol-Molk Tekieh (mourning building)
Drive to Dezful. En route, visit:
• Kurd nomads (if in proper season)
• Dezful bridges & water mills
Transfer to hotel.
O/N Dezful
Day 06: Drive to Shush (ancient city of Susa) to visit:
• Chogha Zanbil ziggurat temple
• Tomb of Daniel the prophet
• The first Apadana palace of Darius the Great
• Shush Museum
Then, drive to Shushtar to visit:
• Shadravan Bridge
• Waterfalls & Water Mills
• Band-e-Mizan
Proceed to Ahvaz. Transfer to hotel.
O/N Ahvaz
Day 07: Drive to Shiraz. En route, visit:
• Qashqa’i nomads (if in proper season)
• Ancient city of Bishapur & its museum
• Tang-e-Chogan Sasanian reliefs & inscriptions
Proceed to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel.
O/N Shiraz
Day 08: In Shiraz, visit:
• Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
• Narenjestan garden (Persian Garden)
• Tomb of Saadi
• Tomb of Hafez
• Seyyed Aladdin shrine
• A tour of the city of Shiraz
• Vakil bazaar and Saraye Moshir
O/N Shiraz
Day 09: Drive outside Shiraz to visit:
• Persepolis (UNESCO world heritage)
• Naqsh-e-Rostam
• Gate of Quran and the city of Shiraz from top of Khwaju Kermani
O/N Shiraz
Day 10: Drive to Yazd. En route, visit:
• Pasargadae including Tomb of Cyrus the Great
• Abarkooh ice house
• Abarkooh ancient Cypress tree
• Gonbad-e-Ali tomb tower
O/N Yazd
Day 11: In Yazd, visit:
• Towers of Silence
• Varahram fire temple
• Yazd Friday mosque
• Fahadan ancient quarter
• Dowlat Abad garden
• Bazaar of Yazd
• Water museum
• Mir Chakhmaq tekieh
• City walls of Yazd
O/N Yazd
Day 12: Drive to Isfahan via Nain.  At Meybod visit:
• Narin Fortress
• Meybod caravansary
• Meybod icehouse
• A pigeon tower
• A mailing house (Chapar Khaneh)
Proceed to Nain to visit:
• Nain Friday Mosque
Continue driving to Isfahan. in Isfahan visit:
• Si-o-Se Pol (Allah Verdi Khan) Bridge
• Khajoo bridge
O/N Isfahan
Day 13: Inside Isfahan, visit:
• Chehel Sotun palace
• Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e-Jahan Square)
• Imam Khomeini mosque
• Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
• Alighapoo palace
• Hasht Behesht palace
• Qeysariyeh bazaar
• Handicraft workshops
O/N Isfahan
Day 14: Inside Isfahan, visit:
• Vank cathedral
• Jolfa Armenian quarter
Drive to Tehran. En route, visit Kashan to see:
• Tabatabaee house
• Hammam of Sultan Amir Ahmad
• Ancient city walls
• Fin garden
Proceed to Qom to visit:
• Masoumeh shrine
• A short excursion around Qom
Proceed to Tehran. Transfer to hotel to pack up for departure.
Day 15: Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Fly out.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of 15days iran tour

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