14 days Iran trip includes Kerman & Meymand village

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Duration : 7 or more days
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Tour Description

Day 1: Arrival in Shiraz airport (in the early morning or in the evening the day before), you will be transferred to your hotel in Shiraz to have some rest. After having breakfast in hotel, we will have a full day Shiraz city tour to visit attractions. First, "Nasir Al Molk Mosque" where is famous for nice reflection of light through colorful glasses in the morning. Then we will visit "Narenjestane Qavaam" where has a brilliant garden and fully decorated building by glass and plaster works. We will visit "Sa'di (Persian poet) Mausoleum" then we could walk through "Vakil old Bazaar" and have lunch in old Sharzeh restaurant. Then we could visit "Karim Khan Citadel" and "Eram Garden (WH)". Stay overnight in Shiraz.


Day 2: Leave Shiraz to visit "Persepolis (WH)", "Naqshe Rostam" and "Pasargadae (WH)" historical sites. We will have lunch in a traditional resort in Sa'adat Shahr to enjoy the nice decorations and have local foods and see some Nomad cultural elements. After visiting sites, we will go back to Shiraz. In the evening, we will visit "Hafez (another famous Persian poet) Mausoleum". Stay overnight in Shiraz.


Day 3: After having breakfast in hotel, we will leave Shiraz for a full day nature tour to visit "Yasouj City" and brilliant landscape around it and "Margoon Waterfall". At the end of day, we will go back to Shiraz and visit "Shah Cheragh Shrine" and have dinner in the yard of "Niyayesh historical house". Stay overnight in Shiraz.


Day 4: Leave Shiraz for Kerman and visit "Salt Lake" and "Sarvestan Palace" en-route. Stay overnight in Kerman.


Day 5: We should leave Kerman very early in the morning toward "Kaluts (Sand Castles)" and enjoy great mountain landscape en-route and nice weather in "Sirch village". After some walks among Kaluts, we will leave Kaluts for Bam at around 11 am. After visiting "Bam Citadel", we will come back toward Kerman and visit "Rayen Citadel" and "Shazdeh Persian Garden (WH)" in Mahan. In the evening, we will visit "Shah Ne'matollah Vali Mausoleum" on the way back to Kerman city.


Day 6: After having breakfast in hotel, we will leave Kerman for Zeinoddin. We will stop in "Meymand Ancient Village" to see 8000 year old human made caves and have local food in local people's houses (caves). Then continue our way to Zenoddin and stay overnight in 500 year old Caravanserai.


Day 7: We will leave Caravanserai after having breakfast to visit some historical attractions around Yazd city. We will first make a visit to Saryazd historical complex "Saryazd Castle" and "Saryzd Caravanserai" and then "Zoroastrian Silence Towers". We will continue our excursion to "Kharanaq Ruins" and "Chak Chak Zoroastrian Temple" and at the end of day, we will reach Yazd to stay in hotel.


Day 8: In Yazd, you will stay in historical house which has changed to hotel. After breakfast, we will start Yazd city tour by walking among the old city to see the desert style urban structure especially the most famous element the "Wind Towers". Then we will reach the "Great Mosque of Yazd", then we continue our walk toward "Amir Chakhmaq Square". After visiting square, we will visit "Water Museum" which is the best place to understand the way of managing water and technology of "Qanat". After lunch, we will go to see "Zoroastrian Silence Towers", "Zoroastrian Fire Temple" and in the evening we could make a visit to "Dowlat Abad Garden (WH)". Stay overnight in Yazd.


Day 9: After breakfast, we will leave Yazd for Isfahan and have a stop in "Varzaneh" between Isfahan and Na'ien to have desert experience, Camel riding, Safari using 4WD cars and walk on the sand dunes, have local food, then visit some unique attractions like: "Pigeon House", "Cow-Well" and "Camel-Mill". Stay overnight in Isfahan.


Day 10: After having breakfast, we will visit to attractions in Isfahan city located around "Naqshe Jahan Square (WH)": "Imam Mosque", "Aali Qapu Palace" and "Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque". You could visit handicraft shops around square to buy souvenirs. Afternoon we could visit Abbasi hotel which is the oldest hotel in Iran and enjoy its beautiful yard and great decorations in different parts and have snack in restaurant or tea house in the yard. We will visit "Khajou and Sio Se Pol Historical Bridges" in the evening to see the lights and gathering of local people around and under bridges. Stay overnight in Isfahan.


Day 11: Have a half day Isfahan city tour. We could start our visit to "Great Mosque of Isfahan (WH)" where has had over 1000 year construction. Then we will visit historical "Vank and Bethlehem Churches" in Armenian area of Isfahan where is famous for nice coffee shops serving high quality coffee. After having lunch, we will visit "Chehel Sotoun Palace Garden" and then leave Isfahan for Kashan and visit "Abyaneh Ancient Village" en-route. Stay overnight in Kashan.


Day 12: Kashan is well-known for the elegant historical houses decorated by wooden doors and windows (Orossi) and plaster and mirror works. We will visit two the best houses: "Abbasiyan and Tabatabaie Historical Houses" in the morning after visiting "Aqa Bozorg Mosque-Madrasa" with very unique architecture. After historical houses, we will visit "Soltan Amir Ahmad Historical Hammam (old bathroom)" which is the best example for old bathrooms in Iran. Then we will go to "Kashan old Bazaar" to soak in the environment and have a tea in "Aminoddoleh Timcheh". After having lunch, we will visit "Siyyalk ancient Hills" and then "Fin Garden (WH)". We will leave Kashan for Tehran in the evening. Stay overnight in Tehran.


Day 13: We could start the city tour by visiting "Sa'd Abad Palace Garden Complex" then have lunch. We will visit "National Museum of Iran" afternoon and in the evening, we could visit "Milad Tower Complex" to see the panoramic view of Tehran city and lights. At the end of day, have dinner, stay overnight in Tehran.


Day 14: After breakfast in hotel, we will have a full day Tehran city tour to cover attractions in downtown. We will first visit "Golestan Palace Complex (WH)" and then walk to visit "Tehran Grand Bazaar" especially "Carpet Bazaar" which is one of the places that you can see and buy Persian and Nomad carpets. After having lunch, we will visit "National Jewels Museum" where is full of magnificent jewelry masterpieces belonged to Iranian kings. At the end of last day of your tour, you will have time to buy souvenirs and enjoy old tea houses and traditional restaurants.


Day 15: We will pick you up from hotel and transfer you to Imam Khomeini Intl Airport to depart to your country. Hope you are satisfied with our services and happy with your trip.

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